Some days writing these posts are just too easy and today is an obvious one. Today is National Make a Friend Day. Once again, I’m sure they mean a two-legged friend, but what better friend is there than a dog? There’s a reason they call them “man’s best friend.”

Up until last year, I was in the dogs are fine but not for me camp. Yesterday I walked into the library for an event and someone recognized me. “You’re Coconut’s mom, right?” Okay, it’s official, people now know that my dog is a huge part of my life.

So why do dogs make such good friends? You have your own list, and I could come up with a lot more than these, but here are just a few reasons why you might want to come in today and adopt a new best friend.

Dogs make you feel like a celebrity every single time you walk through the door.

I’m still amazed that I can put my dog in a box with bars and leave him for four or five hours and he still greets me like I am the most famous and celebrated person in the world. In fact, as if I am his world. And you know what? I am! And it feels great. Being new in the area I had very few friends when I adopted Coconut and now I truly have my best friend. I keep waiting to be mobbed by the paparazzi based on his reaction to hearing me walk in the door.

Dogs are forgiving.

Coconut can’t stand being held and cuddled. I usually settle for him pushing against me on the sofa. But there are times I can’t resist. He struggles to get down. He runs away into another room. And you know what? He forgives every single transgression every time. From the hugging to leaving him in the kennel to refusing to walk him when there’s ice on the sidewalks. He always forgives me. Now that’s a friend.

Dogs are loyal.

Coconut likes my husband. But if he had to choose one of us he would choose me. Dogs are pack animals and now we are his pack and nothing will ever change that. It’s more than the fact that I feed him and make sure his needs are met. I also know that I earned the pack leader designation by being a good owner. Not perfect, but he doesn’t care about. Another reason he’s my best friend. 

Dogs are great listeners.

I work out of my house and we only have one car. This means I am home for many hours. On the days Coconut goes to daycare my house is so empty. There’s no one to listen to my musings and frustrations. The other day Gary said that Coconut did not understand the words I said, just the way I said them. I know this is true. But looking at his eyes and the way he reacts makes me feel like he not only knows the words I am saying but totally gets me.

Dogs love unconditionally.

Coconut loves me warts and all. And I have a lot of warts inside and out. But this fabulous friend doesn’t care when I stay in my robe too long or when I’m sad or I don’t brush my hair. He doesn’t care about my opinions politically or about religion or any of the other subjects, it’s best not to share in public places. I can truly say that no one has ever loved me this much and without reservation.


Dogs are easy to please.

Food. Water. Walks. Bones. Me. How easy is that?

Dogs are protective.

We sleep upstairs in a house built in 1875. When we moved in the screen door did not properly latch. The slightest breeze and the door would make sounds. Not sounds you or I would hear while sleeping. But Coconut would go bounding down the stairs barking at the invisible ninjas trying to break into our home to murder us in our beds. Somewhat annoying at 2:00 in the morning. Yes, the door now latches. But this dog has my back.

Dogs are great at comforting you.

There are days I miss my old life in Hawaii. Why do I watch Magnum PI? Besides not being a particularly well-written show it’s torture seeing the island that played such a pivotal role in my life. And the no snow part. Oh, and the beauty. But we watch it from time to time and the next day I curl up on the sofa being sad. And Coconut knows. He moves in closer to me and licks my hand. I know it is his way of telling me that everything is working out and I am where I am meant to be doing what I am called to do.

There are so many more reasons why dogs really are man’s best friend. And women’s and children. Not squirrels or rabbits. Why is your dog your best friend? We have such a wonderful selection of dogs and one of them could be your new best friend.