Dogs, dogs, dogs! Yep, if you’ve been considering getting man’s best friend to add to your family then this is the time to come to NEW PAWSibilities to choose from one of our thirty-four dogs. We have a great variety of breeds, sizes, and ages and we hope they won’t stick around for long.
We are moving out of winter and into spring which is a delightful time to get a dog because in a short few weeks it will be as if your new pooch has always lived with you and will know how things are in the home.
One of the best reasons to adopt a dog is that you’ll save a life. That’s right, you can be a hero. Each year, 2.7 million dogs are euthanized in shelters because there just aren’t enough people to adopt them. When you adopt from us, not only are you saving that dog, but you’re clearing up space for another animal that might need it. We try and bring in dogs every two weeks but dogs are always left behind because we never have enough room to bring in more dogs and it’s heartbreaking to know that some of these dogs will never get a chance to be loved and to share all the love they have.
We know you have family and friends, co-workers and neighbors and that’s great. But some days it’s exhausting and there’s so much drama when people are involved. With a dog, you don’t have to work so hard and you get instant unconditional love. Dog’s don’t judge, except for not getting enough treats and outdoor time, and who doesn’t need a friend who doesn’t judge?
It’s easy to be lonely even in a house filled with people. But with a dog, you’ll never be lonely. Even when the house is silent and you’re reading or doing a project you’re never alone and a dog makes it so that you’re not even lonely.
After a long winter of sitting, eating the wrong foods, and not getting outside to exercise a dog is going to be great for your health. Besides the walks and runs, there’s vitamin D outside and there’s no pill as perfect as getting that vitamin from the sun. Dogs have a way of lowering the risk of heart disease and helping us to live longer (and happier) lives. Other studies show that dogs help relieve stress, and children born into a home with a dog have a reduced risk of developing asthma and allergies.
Yes, being alone can be pretty darned awesome but as hard as it might be to admit humans need humans and a dog is going to make you more social. Since you want the best for your new pup you’ll be excited, okay, willing to go on walks and socialize with other dogs. And guess what’s at the end of that other dog’s leash? Right! A human who might have some of the same interests (dogs), concerns (dogs), or passions (dogs). You might set up doggy playdates or go to the dog park or head to the pet store where you can let your pal pick out some toys or treats. You might even make a few new human friends in the process.
You’ll laugh more because dogs are just plain funny. Even when they get red-pawed misbehaving or they throw a tantrum when their human refuses to take them out just one more time they are funny.
Every week we get someone who comes to see a dog and then wants to think about it. We explain that we don’t hold dogs and that without a non-refundable deposit others have the opportunity to meet and ultimately adopt “their” dog. People are filled with emotions ranging from anger to sadness to regret because something that their future self would have thanked them for every day for as long as their dog lives. We’re not suggesting making snap decisions and the timing has to be right, but at some point choosing a dog to spend your life with all comes down to wondering will I thank my future self. We know your dog will thank you.