That’s how it is with dogs. When we came in to find a dog Gary had very specific ideas of what he wanted, a larger female, and I didn’t even want a dog. The dog was actually for me to be my emotional support dog.
Gary chose the three dogs we would meet in the visitation room and from the moment they each sauntered or ran or snuck in depending upon their personalities I knew immediately that these were not my dogs.
After a conversation about what I wanted, which was really all about what I didn’t want in a dog since I kind of didn’t want a dog, Jim announced he had the perfect pick.
From the first minute this underweight, scrawny looking dog with the dullish coat walked in I knew he was mine. When he sat in front of me and stared into my eyes with the patience that told me he would wait for me to fall in love no matter how long it took I knew he was mine.
We walked and he was a terrible leash walker. He didn’t strike me as a particularly cute dog, the others were way cuter in the traditional sense.
Just like you know from the moment you meet them that there are people you want to spend your whole life without, I knew this was a dog I’d want to spend years and years loving.
A change in his food helped him gain the much-needed ten pounds and his coat became softer and glossy. The filled-out face changed his looks and he all of the sudden became one of the most beautiful dogs I’d ever seen. Okay, maybe it was the love speaking but with all the comments we get, I think it was the ten pounds. Funny how the extra weight on me doesn’t look nearly as great.
We have ten dogs today who are hoping that you’ll walk in and know immediately that this is the dog you want to spend the rest of your life loving. They might not be what you were thinking of when you decided to get a dog. Maybe you wanted a puppy and you’ll walk out with a three-year-old. You thought a big dog would be best and there you are with a fifteen-pounder. You have a thing for snowy white dogs and then an inky black pooch captures your heart.
What matters is the connection, the look in their eyes, that feeling of falling in love that is hard to describe. You know that you know.
We’re open every single day and we hope that when you come in you’ll find the one. And if that feeling isn’t there then come back and second or even a third time. Sometimes like that blind date, it takes time for a person or a dog to grow on you. And if none of these is your dog keep looking because we get new rescues in twice a month and we’ll have your dog. And when you see them your heart might race, your face will light up, your body language will change and your new dog will know. They’re smart like that.