It’s official. My dog hates healthy people food. Won’t eat peanut butter, laughs at apples, and pretty much scoffs at any healthy food. Cheese is the exception and I’m not putting that into the healthy category. Good? You bet. Healthy?
So I’m making banana bread and my house smells delicious and my dog is beyond bored. I had some leftover smashed bananas but not enough to do anything with and so Gary poured them into Coconut’s bowl. Gary is my dishwasher because he likes to eat. I cook he cleans. Simple.
I explained that Coconut hated healthy people food. The dog creeps over there and then turned his back so fast he almost tripped. I decided to try and experiment. I got a bag of low-fat mozzarella shredded and sprinkled it on the banana so that maybe he’d try and get the cheese, taste the banana, and realize that they are yummy. Yeah, no.
No squash, no pumpkin, no strawberries. Popcorn. Loves popcorn.
Rumor has it there are dogs out there who love healthy people food. If your dog is one of those dogs then here’s a handy chart to follow about what is a yes, a yes but, and an absolutely not.
We’re sticking to dog food. It’s easier.