Great way to kick off the weekend. We love PAWSitive Endings! Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous? We are so happy to have helped to create this wonderful family.

“My Mom and I adopted Annie (previously known as Cheyenne) from you in April after losing our beautiful Shepherd Husky Zeva to cancer. Some friends commented that I may have jumped the gun adopting Annie. That she was too much for us to handle. I refused to listen to them. I made Annie a promise that this would be her forever home and I would love her unconditionally.

Anyway it’s been almost 5 months and she really has blossomed. She’s not perfect and needs some socialized training as she is leery of strangers and strange dogs. (She got kicked out of daycare for nipping and jumping at and scaring a few dog owners.) We have our own private play session once a week with her best friends Monte and Brewster and she loves it.

I wouldn’t trade her in ever. Here are some of her favorite pictures.” — Lynn & Sally Maki