It’s never too late to brag about your dog. We love hearing updates about successful adoptions that have changed your family.

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Here is an update and we are thrilled that our pups are travelers spreading joy around the world! Thanks to the Shattuck family for sending this update.


We adopted a husky mix puppy from you the end of February in 2014 and we wanted to share an update. She’s the top center puppy and at the time was named Hilda. We’ve since named her Olive and she’s been an amazing addition to our family.

We didn’t know it at the time of the adoption but we found ourselves moving overseas. Olive has now not only lived in the United States but also the Marshall Islands and currently in Germany. We have also taken her all over Europe with us and we joke how she’s peed in more countries than some people.

We’re not sure where we end up next but can’t wait to take Olive on new adventures. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt her, can’t imagine our lives without her. “

The Shattuck Family

Olive sitting proud.