Today is World Gratitude Day. In 2015 my light flickered. The wreck and resulting concussion and brain damage threw me into a tailspin and turned me into someone I didn’t recognize.

It’s sad how the people you think are friends before something like this happens quickly fade away. But people you didn’t know very well somehow step up and fill the gap exactly when and how you need.

I’ve shared my story many times but we continue getting new followers and so I share it from time to time. I’m filled with gratitude today because I know how close I came to killing myself. Had it not been for my doctor back home someone else would be doing what I do to help find homes for all of these dogs.

Besides outstanding medical care I am grateful because of his honesty. He helped me to understand that I would never be the old me. I would always have deficiencies and have to restructure my life instead of living the life I had. It was a crushing time of my life.

But besides the medical advice, Dr. Hawk suggested I get an emotional support dog. There was no way I wanted to take care of a dog when I could barely take care of myself. I was so not a dog person. And yet, here we are. After trying lots of medications and a laundry list of things such as acupressure, deep tissue massage, therapy, and so much more we moved in search of a less stressful and more affordable life. Moving is so stressful! Feeling like I’d tried everything possible we decided to get a dog. I am so grateful that my doctor suggested a dog.

We chose to visit NEW PAWSibilties because they were open. When Jim started what has become such a great rescue he knew it needed to be open seven days a week unlike most rescue shelters. I am grateful to Jim’s vision. I am grateful he was there that Saturday, that he listened to my story, that he chose a little brown dog named Niki. I am grateful that after that first disastrous night he listened. He gave me valuable suggestions and talked me off the ledge. I’m grateful that Jim knew that this women who entered into being a dog mom kicking and screaming had the potential to nurture a dog and to slowly open up and let that dog heal her. I’m grateful that he didn’t shut me down when I offered to volunteer and that he gave me something meaningful to do in my new hometown.

And I’m grateful to that little brown dog who became Coconut. I could and have written volumes about all Coconut has done for me. But I love this quote from Albert Schweitzer. He might not be a person, but Coconut more than anyone is the spark who rekindled my light and for that I will be forever grateful.

Dr. Hawk. Jim Deering. Coconut. Yes, there were others on my journey. But today I want to share my gratitude for these three who have made such a difference in my life.

Who is on your list? And who has added yo to their gratitude list?

Dogs are probably a big part of many of your gratitude journey.