I gotta tell you, coming from the land of never-ending sun it’s hard for me to get used to 4:00 pm twilight and dark by 5:00. I take vitamin D, try and eat vitamin D rich food, but it’s easy to start sliding into depression during the winter.

I seriously do not know how I would have survived my first winter since 1982 had it not been for my dog. Coconut makes me laugh, he forces me to exercise, which is a great way to fight depression, and he helped me make friends. Heck, this guy even guided me to my part-time job and this great dog community.

The best part of all? My house was built in 1875. Even with the new windows and furnace and insulation that I’ll be paying for until I die, it can be cool in this house. Doggies are outstanding feet warmers. And they kiss you!

Hate winter? Get a dog! They give you a whole new outlook on life this time of year.