The other day I took a day off.

Anyone who knows me knows that I might be a teensy bit type A personality. I feel like every dog who does not find a home is my fault. What else could I have done? If I don’t do everything who will? Some of you are like that I’m sure.

So I didn’t post, didn’t answer email, didn’t worry. Well, maybe a little. We went to the dog park, I read, I took a nap, I met a friend for dinner and then went to a ladies night at a really cool store in downtown Oshkosh.

The heavens shined on my day as if even the very clouds knew that if the weather was gloomy I’d go back to my computer. And then I wrote this little thing as I sat on my porch. Aren’t porches the best?

I will miss sitting on my back porch looking at our gardens and enjoying my dog. I mean I could, but my rear will freeze to the chair, the garden will be covered in snow, and Coconut will escape and live with someone else who stays inside when it’s cold.

Today I needed to not work because I have a scratchy throat and there are too many questions that do not deserve answers. And I have a headache.

So today I am sitting on my sunny porch enjoying my dog and seeing the beauty even in my dying garden. It will be an even better garden next year. And my dog will still love me more than anybody else in his world.

Take some time this weekend to enjoy the gift of your dog. It’s so easy to think we can control what we can’t. We can’t do everything but we can love our dogs. And we can rescue more and help to make sure that they find homes as good as ours.