“Thank you for sharing your great story. She is wonderful!

“Ruby has been at the top of my thankful list for 5 years running now! At ten years old she still looks and runs like a puppy. She’s proof that poodles aren’t prissy and pampered couch dogs. She’s up for every adventure, whether it’s hiking 9 miles, camping, kayaking, or going on a road trip to visit friends in family. After a long day of teaching middle schoolers, this face is just what I need! She’s just the sweetest snuggle bug and I’m so thankful she’s in my life! So thank you for bringing us together and for helping so many others fund their fur baby!”



Joni, I’m thankful we could help with that hunting widow thing. He’s lovely.

“Gordy….adopted Christmas 2016. He’s my sweet boy and very good company when I’m a “hunting widow.” 💙





“Kendra, we love these Thanksgiving stories almost as much as you love Jax. Thank you for sharing his story.”

We got Jax (once Gus) from New Paws January 2018, he will have his first holiday in a h♥️me. We couldn’t imagine life without his spunky self and his bro may get annoyed but they are two peas in a pod.”




Cathy, is she going to just be there for the whole season as the tree? I love the picture and thank you for sharing.

“I got Lexy formally Adelle in the spring of 2014 and I love her. She’s a really good dog.”





“This is Cheerio (Mary) we brought her home 2/24/17 from New PAWSibilities. She has been such a blessing to us, and is so smart. I’m most thankful for our cuddly nights at home on the couch 💞”