Because we want to make sure every dog adopted is healthy and ready to live a wonderful new life, all dogs are appropriately vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested, and given flea and tick preventatives. The adoption fee also helps cover any additional medical treatments that may be needed such as respiratory infections, skin conditions, orthopedic consultations, and surgery.  The fee also includes spay/neuter of all dogs over six months or a certificate for the surgery at our vet once your dog is six months. All dogs are microchipped for identification if your dog is ever lost. For every one dog you rescue we can bring in up to five dogs from our shelter partner which means your donations go a long way and can save the lives of up to six dogs!

Where Your Donations Go.

$10.00 – Can feed a litter of puppies for 1-3 days or cover a microchip to help a dog always safely find their way home.

$25.00 – Can feed an adult dog for 2 weeks.

$50.00 – Can pay the vet for a wellness check and transport costs from our Kentucky shelter partner giving them a second chance at finding a loving, lifelong home.

$100.00 – Can spay a mama dog so she never has to have puppies again, or cover the fuel costs for an out of state transfer.

$200.00 – Can cover the food and non-medical supplies for a pregnant dog to safely deliver and raise her puppies.

$500.00 – Can spay or neuter a litter of four puppies.

$1000.00 – Can neuter ten dogs.

Spay/Neuter costs are significantly lowered by a 50% in-kind donation from our veterinarian partner.