New year, old topics. One of the things we love about Facebook and our blog is that we have unlimited space to write about topics of importance for those who own or love dogs.

As a new dog owner three years ago I was even more terrified of getting it wrong than I was when I gave birth to human babies. Trust me, I should have been more scared of the babies.

The only reason I decided to get a dog was because of my traumatic brain injury after a life-changing car wreck. My doctor kept telling me it was help but I did not see how that could possibly be true. He was right and I was wrong and, with the help of Jim and NEW PAWSibilities I am no long suicidal, I am doing productive and fulfilling work, and being the best me I can be. Without my emotional support dog my story could have had a very different and tragic ending.

Here is an excellent article about emotional support animals. They are not restricted to dogs. Please note that airlines are changing their policies about ESA in the cabin so before you decide to travel always check with each airline about any fees and if your dog can travel with you or must go as checked baggage. I personally have a problem with my dog fly apart from me so when I travel, and one day I will again, I’ll board my dog at NEW PAWS.

We all know the benefits of having dogs and every dog truly is supportive. But if you think you would benefit from having a designated ESA this article is a great place to start.