One of the super annoying things about this current stay at home time we are in is that it’s difficult to see a vet or to participate in a dog obedience class right now. While we highly recommend that you make an appointment with a vet as soon as possible it’s not the end of the world if you have to wait a little longer unless there is a serious emergency and vets are still seeing emergency patients.
All of our dogs have been seen by a vet within thirty days of coming to us, they have updated vaccinations, are spayed or neutered, have been wormed and given the vaccination for bordetella (kennel cough.) However, like bringing a newborn baby into your home, a new dog regardless of their age can be a challenge and sometimes there are questions that need answers. And that’s why it’s good to have a vet you can talk to when you start to feel overwhelmed and most new pet owners do feel that way in the beginning.
If you have adopted from us and you have a question please ask us! Adoption is only a small part of the rest of your dog’s life. We want your dog to be happy and that means being healthy and trained and able to show their personality in all the fun ways.
We are not open seven days a week as we hope to be when the stay at home order is lifted and things slowly fall into place. But we are only a phone call away. If you are worried please don’t go it alone. You can call 920-385-0809 and if we don’t answer please leave a detailed message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also message us via Facebook messaging but those messages are passed on to the right person and then we respond as soon as possible.
There are some outstanding websites and we’ll be adding some to our FAQ page once we post the links here. Please remember any information we suggest is not a replacement for a vet and each dog and family are different so at the end of the day, these are only suggestions to get you started.
Here is an excellent article detailing fifteen questions veterinarians wish you would ask about your puppy. Some of the answers to your questions just might be covered here.