When my kids were about 8 and 10 we got a puppy. That puppy was the cutest little thing ever. He was a Goldendoodle before that was a breed. My kids got him from an oops litter their friend Sean’s mother was trying to give away. There were at least 6 or even 8 as I remember.
Despite my misgivings, we did not have a fence, my husband and I both worked long hours, we couldn’t afford a dog, I gave in and we got a puppy. Affordability turned out to be the least of our problems.
Brutus was an unlikely name for this rolly polly ball of fur. And then he grew and grew to over 80 pounds. Yes, puppies grow incredibly fast. And their poops get bigger and bigger to go with their growth. At least that was our case.
I wish I could tell you it was a joyful experience that enriched all of our lives. I’ve shared pictures and stories about my grandson and how much he loves Coconut and going to the shelter to play with all the dogs. His father is never going to allow him to get a dog and I think Brutus is part of the reason.
When I write the bios for these dogs I talk about the need for training. I use words like challenge, boundaries, rules. The one word that applied to our time with Brutus was challenge. Such a challenge. The boys and my husband chose not to follow through with the training and rules and now I can see how confusing that was for this puppy.
Dogs love routines. They like knowing and following rules. If those are missing then all hell breaks out like it did in our house and life with a puppy is anything but joyful.
We have an outstanding trainer we can connect you with whether you have a puppy or an older dog. Imagine if you moved to a foreign country, didn’t speak their language, had to eat all new food, and did not understand the culture at all. That would be stressful for you and the people around you. And so it is with a dog.
Your new dog is a rescue. We don’t know their background, we typically have an incomplete breed makeup, and we know nothing about their quirks or phobias. Getting to know your dog at a quick meet and greet is one thing. Training and boundaries are another, especially with a puppy.
This is a do as I say not as I did moment. Puppies are delightful and by getting them early you have an almost clean slate. They don’t know other rules, they have not, hopefully, been mistreated and unloved. How awesome for you to have more years with your dog. I wish someone had stepped in and helped our family understand that there were different ways to raise a puppy and we chose the worst way possible. Brutus is the reason I said I’d never get another dog. I’m thrilled to say I love my dog and I love connecting people with dogs. But the mistakes we made linger and so I always like to warn people that raising puppies is not easy. But in the end, it is going to be totally worth it!
We have some fun and energetic and delightful puppies and this is a fantastic weekend to meet them and hopefully bring one home. You can even change the name if you don’t like the one they came with.