She was a tiny puppy back in May when Jill and Chris came to NEW PAWSibilities. Barb, now called Fiona, has those standard Bassett Hound ears though we’re not sure of what else in the mix.

Puppies grow quickly and now, at eight-months-old Fiona is twenty-eight-pounds and, according to Jill, “an absolute sweetheart!”

Jill can’t say enough about what great experience the adoption process was and how they feel like they won the doggy lottery.

“She is the most loving, sweet, gentle, mellow dog I’ve ever met. We had gotten Fiona because our other Pitbull, Cinna, passed away at 7yrs old due to an autoimmune disease.  Fiona is so similar to our dog who passed away, it’s just uncanny.  I never would have thought another dog could be like our Cinna, but Fiona is so close!  She plays with our twelve-pound Mini Weiner dog so gentle but then plays rough with our fifty-five-pound Pitbull.  She’s perfect for our family.  She even runs to you when you cough or sneeze to make sure you’re okay and then licks your face.  Such a silly girl.

“I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for you guys and what you do. You’ve brought such joy and happiness into our home when we were so heartbroken and sad. Thanks for everything you do for the dogs!

Knowing that we made such a difference in Jill, Chris, Luna, Pippa, and Fiona’s lives make our jobs much, much easier and worthwhile. Sounds like a match made in heaven.