Yes! A love story between dog and people and then people and people followed by a wedding! We LOVE this PAWSitive Ending and DNA story and so will you.

“We adopted our dog, Morgan (formerly Patti) from you guys two years ago in April. She is an amazing addition to our family! We thought she might be a Catahoula/Mix because of her coloring and her blue eyes, but we were surprised when we got her results! The Beagle part isn’t that shocking because she sniffs everything constantly and has that signature Hound bark/howl, but the rest is definitely interesting! Having her DNA tested had only made us love her even more now that we know more about her.

The first picture is from the day I met her at New Pawsibilities and the last one with us on the swing is from the day I got engaged to my now husband. We took her on an adventure to High Cliff state park and my husband proposed to me there

We even got a few photos of her at our wedding even though she’s very squirrely and didn’t want to hold still for photos.

Thank you for allowing us to adopt her! I can promise you, she is incredibly well loved and spoiled!”– Sierra Hough