Good morning! Has this been the craziest week or what?

We are thrilled to announce that we have only four dogs left! A person with a pre-approved application is interested in one of the dogs and for now, we will be taking care of these very spoiled pups and doing a ton of chores on our to-do list. When you come back soon wait to be excited about more lobby changes including the quilt.

We had nearly thirty adoptions in and day-and-a-half. Our previous record was eighteen and this week we did this with only Jim and Chance!

We could never, ever, ever have done what we did without you. To a person, we have never seen such an outpouring of love and support as we did on Monday and Tuesday. Smiles, so many smiles. The patience that everyone exhibited was something to behold.

People keep asking me what we did to make it all work so smoothly. First of all, Facebook and lots of lots of keeping the lines of communication open. Secondly, many of those who had adopted already had an approved application on file and so that expedited the process. We were able to communicate to those who are renting to please bring in a lease agreement or letter showing us that the landlord or management company allows dogs along with any weight or breed restriction. So when people came they were ready to go!

Every application was properly vetted, interviews took place as normal, and, because of you, it worked.

While Jim and Chance paint and clean and landscape and do whatever else is on their list, I do none of the above so don’t ask, I will be here on Facebook writing and posting helpful articles, PAWSitive Endings, answering questions, and getting us ready to go when we get in more dogs.

When will that be? We hope soon but we don’t know. Unlike other shelters in our adoption area, our dogs come from out-of-state. That means we have to work within the structure of two state laws and mandates but we feel confident it will all work out.

We have reached out to a trainer to see if she has helpful articles and ideas we can use here. If you have specific topics we might handle please email me at

I’ll be posting about ways that you can help us while we wait for the dogs and whatever normal looks like. Until then, stay healthy, love your dogs, get exercise, and enjoy your time off if possible. If you are considered essential please take every precaution possible.