I read this little snippet written by Bruce Cameron the author of A Dog’s Purpose and other dog books. Here’s what she said.
“AT THIS TIME, DOGS ARE SAVING THE WORLD: I think years from now, we will all look back on this and remember how the dogs healed our hearts because we had no choice but to allow them to do it.
And I think the dogs will remember it as the best time ever when everybody was always home. Because that’s how dogs are, they always lean toward joy, and they show us how to do it too.”
So to that end, we are staying open and helping people choose a dog to help save their lives and our world. To do this and keep our staff and guests safe we will have some subtle changes implemented today.
1. We have always adhered to industry standards with a rigorous cleaning schedule and we will continue to grow in those standards as needed to maintain a high standard of cleaning in our welcome center and the meet and greet rooms. These rooms offer privacy and time to spend with a potential adoptee.
2. When you come to visit we used to offer you the computer screens to look at dogs and read bios. That is no longer possible. Instead, we ask that you do that at home or on your phone so that when you come in you already have an idea of the dogs you might like to see. You can also tell us a little about yourself, your lifestyle, and the size and type of dog of interest and let the staff choose which dogs might work for you.
3. When you arrive you’ll be able to meet dogs in a private visitation room just as you always do. We will have an iPad that will be wiped down after each use. You may request if it’s available but since we have multiple rooms your phone is still the best bet for now.
4. We are trying to minimize the number of persons in contact with each other so if there are no rooms available we are asking people to stay in the car until a room is free and our staff has wiped down the doorknob, iPad, the bags or canisters of dog treats, and other surfaces.
5. There are antibiotic wipes at each door and in every room and that the staff will be wiping down doorknobs and communally used items.
6. Our staff will limit their contact with guests and that includes no handshakes and remaining at the door to maintain the recommended safe distance.
7. If you are sick (coughing or in other ways appearing sick) you will be asked to come back when you are feeling better. We are trying to protect everyone.
These precautions are in place so that we can continue rescuing dogs and completing families and we are doing everything to maintain safety.
Thank you for understanding and for your patience with our staff and any delays. Believe me, your new dog will be worth it!