Yesterday was stunning. It started out with a hoodie and ended with no sleeves and we took advantage of it. We walked and walked and walked. We saw front yard cookouts and birthday parties and people riding bikes. We saw a plethora of dogs of all sizes, breeds, and hues. It was simply the perfect day!
No one was happier than Coconut because he got to walk and see people (from a safe distance) smell cooking meats and somehow he snagged a piece of brat, and he had all kinds of new smells.
Walking your dog can be fun for both you and them but they don’t come out knowing how to walk on a leash. As with everything puppies and dogs need training. Dogs who know how to walk on a leash with a collar or a harness without pulling and practically tearing your arm off is not fun and can be dangerous. Here’s a great article on simple steps on walking your dog. Many of you have dogs you adopted while the weather was still rainy and cold and the saver in order was in place. The orders have relaxed a little and parks and trails are open. Now is the perfect time to get your dog walk-ready and to take advantage of the weather and the outdoor opportunities.
We’ll be adding this link to our FAQ page as we continue to add resources for you and your dog.
If you’re like me there might be a few or more pandemic pounds you’re trying to lose. Walking is the safest and best way to walk those pounds and get closer to your dog.