We have a great PAWSitive Endings story today because it’s a Gotcha Day story from Samantha Marie. She’s a little early because she is so excited to share and we are happy to jump the gun since the calendar is flying by. Sometimes, depending on the number of dogs and applications and adoptions it’s hard to get an answer in a day. Usually, it’s within hours. Our budget doesn’t allow for multiple staff members at the same time we are working on it!

Thank you, Samantha, for knowing Chester was your dog. Thank you for working through the malnutrition and separation anxiety. Thank you for not taking the easier way out and bringing him back. We do appreciate your dedication and love to Chester and we know he loves you even more.

“October 11th, 2019 will be Chester’s one year adoption anniversary! October 7th of 2018 is when my boyfriend Alex, my younger brother, Devin and I drove an hour to NEW PAWSibilities to meet Chester for the first time. My boyfriend and I had just recently moved into a bigger place and we always talked about adopting a dog.

When we got there, the lady working brought Chester into the “meeting room”. Chester was severely malnourished and was in the process of re-growing his fur. Chester was very distracted when she brought into the room, He was looking out the window and sniffing for treats on the counter. We tried with multiple toys to get him to play but he wasn’t responding to us.

We stayed for about an hour then left. My brother said to us, ” I think you should get him.” I agreed. Even though he wasn’t responsive to us, I liked him. My boyfriend and I talked on the drive home. He was worried that maybe he wasn’t the right one for us. I told him we will give it a shot. I went online the same night and filled out his adoption form.

The next day I called and asked if anyone had looked at it, I was kind of impatient. They said no one has looked at it yet. I called the next couple of days and kept asking.

FINALLY, I got an email saying that our adoption application was ACCEPTED. We drove back to Oshkosh and picked him up! We were so excited. He was so confused and didn’t want to get into the car.

Fast forward almost a year later, Chester is the best boy we could ask for! Chester still suffers from terrible separation anxiety but we take it day by day. He is the happiest and most spoiled dog ever!” — Samantha Marie