When I was little and had an upset tummy or just felt yucky I remember my mom telling me to, “shake it off,” and I guess I did because I never missed a day of school from kindergarten through high school graduation. I might have not felt 100% but with eight kids at home, I guess Mom’s style of parenting was really self-defense especially once she started working outside of the house.
So when my kids were little and they would throw up a little I’d place my hand on their head and if he wasn’t hot off they would go to school. Like mother like daughter. Except with my dog.
Coconut vomited yesterday morning. It wasn’t an overwhelming amount, he passed the mom-hand thermometer, he drank water, ran like crazy at the dog park, ate normally, and enjoyed his treats.
This morning he vomited again. He seems fine but because I can’t ask my dog how he feels I imagine the worst and until it’s an emergency we’ll be playing wait and watch. Because of our safer at home policies, most vets are closed except for a real emergency.
I have a couple of possible culprits that could have upset his tummy such as a new dog-treat, a bone I purchased from a different location, and, most likely, something he snagged on his walk with Dad because I’m the vigilant parent.
I’m not the only one with questions about vomit, poop, limping, and boredom so here’s an article about vomiting, last week we covered worms and poop and depression. Isn’t this just the best job in the world researching fun articles? I hope this helps you guys as much as it helps me.
Remember, nothing takes the place of a vet and if in doubt please call your vet and see if they deem it an emergency.