Today is the day and we are thrilled to be part of this!
The Oshkosh Area United Way realized there was a need in our community. When I moved here I wanted to volunteer somewhere and had such a hard time finding a place. There was no clearinghouse in Oshkosh though the University, schools, companies, and other places either highly suggest or require doing volunteer work.
Small organizations like NEW PAWSibilties had a tough time finding volunteers because we don’t have a volunteer coordinator, a budget or name recognition like others who rescue and shelter dogs, and we were starting from the bottom.
2019 was a year of growth in many ways including finding wonderful volunteers though Facebook, UWO, and word of mouth. We love our volunteers!
Today United Way officially launches their new volunteer initiative and we could not be prouder to be part of this from the beginning.
So here is the volunteer link. Go to Volunteer opportunities and then on the right go to Filter By and select Cause. After that in the drop-down menu select Animals and then you’ll see our logo. From there, go to each volunteer opportunity. People who want to volunteer need to register but it’s all pretty easy. We’ll be adding more opportunities for each dog adoption day or event as well as some other opportunities such as workday or photography.
Please take a moment to register and look at how you can help. There are other non-profits that you might also wish to consider but hopefully, you’ll continue helping us and you’ll refer others to this site. The graphic design job can be done remotely and we’ll add a few more that can be done remotely as well.
Let’s make 2020 the best year yet!