In most places, leash laws are in effect for the safety of your dog and those around them. Yes, you know your dog. Your dog is perfectly trained. Your dog loves dogs and people. Your dog would never run away, attack a dog or child, or do anything remotely dangerous. Until they do.
Here are a few reasons why you should keep your dog on a leash:
You avoid the possibility of another dog in heat jumping on your dog. Even if your dog is not at-risk of an unwanted pregnancy your dog could get spooked and bite at or act in an aggressive manner towards the dog who is jumping on them.
You decrease the possibility of your dog doing something impulsive.
You could endanger your own dog should either one become aggressive.
You lower the odds of agitating the leashed dog.
You’re making dog-fearing people extremely uncomfortable.
Maybe your dog is friendly. Maybe your dog just wants to run and play and play with other dogs. Don’t put leashed anti-social dogs who might not enjoy unwanted attention in the position to growl or lunge forward.
Your dog can and will ignore you saying his name. Unless your dog is so heavily trained that he will stop like a highly-trained member of a K-9 unit, leash your dog when out in public unless it’s someplace like a dog park.
Besides other dogs being a danger it’s a devastating moment for all involved when a dog gets hit by a moving vehicle. Even well-behaved dogs may suddenly run in the path of a moving car or not be seen by someone backing up in a parking lot.
Leashing your dog helps to prevent them from eating garbage that might be in the street, other dog’s poop that someone did not pick up, and worse. Dogs smell and dogs eat and that could cause hundreds or more in vet bills at worse or at best a very unhappy pooch.
Well-trained dogs are a pleasure to walk on the leash, and it identifies them as your pet.