I can’t keep up with all these PAWSitive Endings and I love it! Keep them coming because this is why we do what we do.


My family adopted Tatum, a small hound mix, from New Pawsibilities a couple of weeks ago, and we wanted to send an update.

We visited Tatum twice and decided to adopt her after our second meeting. We appreciated being able to bring our dog Tilly with us to meet Tatum at the rescue. The first time we met with Tatum, she was recovering from her spay surgery, and she was very shy. After meeting outside and seeing that Tilly and Tatum were getting along just fine, Chance brought us into a private meeting room and he also brought out Tatum’s brother, Taylor, to see if his presence might help Tatum open up a bit – and, sure enough, it did! Both pups were very sweet, and we appreciated having as much time meeting/socialization time as we liked.

Tatum was still shy during our second meeting, and when we decided to adopt her, Chance said he thought she’d open up for us when we brought her home, and that’s most definitely been the case. She’s such a sweet and well-behaved puppy, and she’s adjusting very well. She plays well with Tilly, and she loves to go for walks and car rides as much as she likes to snuggle on the couch in the evening. We’ve been bringing both pups to dog parks a couple of times a week, and everyone who meets her loves her and comments on what a good dog she is.

We couldn’t be happier with our new friend and our experience with New Pawsibilities. Chance was very helpful and great to work with. Thank you for helping to rescue dogs in need of homes and helping to bring Tatum into our lives!” –The Cleary family