I’ve suffered from chronic migraines ever since being in a major car wreck three-and-a-half years ago. When people hear about the wreck they say, “I’m so sorry. But at least you are still alive.”
That’s one way of looking at it. But when you are in so much pain that your teeth hurt and the Psycho movie soundtrack is blaring as the drill bit relentlessly stabs you in your forehead over and over and over you wonder. You want to say, “No, I wish I had died.” But you can’t because that upsets people. And when you are in customer service and sales you really can’t say it.
That’s how I felt every day for more than two years. And then Coconut found me. We’ll never know all the steps he took on the path or how dangerous it was for him. But he found me at NEW PAWSibilities and everything changed.
I have good days and terrible days. Mostly my days are a level four it’s just an okay day. But since that’s so much better than a level 10 then I guess I’ll take it. Regardless of the day, Coconut makes everything so much better. He knows when I need to be quiet and rest my head and he doesn’t try and go outside or play tug-o-war. He nestles on my feet and sighs that contented dog sigh and things are better.
He makes me laugh when he gets so mad that he can’t find his favorite toy that he barks in frustration. Yes, I eventually stop laughing and go retrieve his toy. The laughter makes things better and no one makes me laugh as effortlessly as my dog.
Winter is hard. Not enough sun, trapped in by ice, driving on the roundabout is like playing Russian roulette. People seem to be grouchier and days can just be hard. On days like this, some people can be downright mean. I try to remember that everyone is fighting their own battles like I fight migraines, but when they are rude and treat me as less than it’s hard to not respond in kind.
Despite that, I try and find the good in people every single day. And when I can’t, when the weather is horrific and it seems like it will never end, there are always dogs.
How are you today? I hope you aren’t encountering awful people and that you are not going stir crazy because of the weather. But if you are and you have a dog then you’ll be just fine.