We are having some real issues with Mele and helping her to understand that poop goes outside, not on the master bedroom in the middle of the night.

We think she was trained to go on a puppy pad in the exact same spot every day or night. Sorry, not acceptable.

We tried the move the poop outside, take her out show her where to poop in the future, reward her for the behavior to come, rinse and repeat. I guess that works if the dog doesn’t run and hide under the porch or turn her body to face the neighbor’s yard while you are talking to her. She is smart!

So now she is being kenneled at night much to her dismay and that of Coconut’s horror. They fight like, well, animals, but they hate being apart. The idea is that when we take her out at a reasonable hour, sorry Mele, 3:30 is not reasonable, she will rush outside to poop and learn that is her place. And that sounds reasonable. Mele, Mele, Mele. So out she goes and she actually poops outside. Yeah!! Then runs upstairs and poops on the rug. We all want smart dogs but right about now smart ain’t looking so great.
So remember that dogs won’t soil where they are kenneled. Lies, all lies says the woman doing laundry right now.

Since we got Coconut over 18 months ago people keep trying to convince me to let my dogs sleep in my bed.

Sleeping next to your dog makes you fall asleep faster, reduces depression, and make you live longer.”

That theory ended last night. Dogs don’t soil where they sleep. Really? Now I have another reason why these dogs are not sleeping in our bed. No way, no how.

So the battle continues and I will win. This is about so much more about where and when to poop. Mele has met her match.

Suggestions anyone?

And for those of you who have your dogs in your bed at night? Live long and happy lives. And come and get Mele when I die a youthful death.