Today I took a day off. I worked every day on my recent vacation to see my mother-in-law in Florida at Christmas. I even answered messages and emails when I was in Europe this summer with the Oshkosh Chamber Singers. But today I took a day off. I think I need to take more days off. You know why. And, yes, I am yelling.
Checking our page is kind of addicting. Not only did I take today off but my battery went dead and I had no charger. An hour ago I’m back at the computer and doing what I do to update the page and answer questions and emails and I started to count. And then I counted again. And again.
And then I started to cry.
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for adopting, for sharing, for caring.
We are open tomorrow from 8:00 – 4:45 and on Sunday from 9:00 – 3:45. I’m an optimist but even I don’t think we’ll find all twelve dogs homes by Sunday. But it could happen. It could happen! We don’t want adoptions because it will give us bragging rights. But it will. We want adoptions because finding the right dog for the right person or people is the most exciting thing in our world. Knowing that what we do matters and makes such a difference to people and to dogs is a pretty cool thing.
I get a lot of questions about specific dogs and if they like other dogs or kids or cats. I get questions about energy level and potty training. I get questions about how big a puppy will get or if they can stay out of a kennel all day. I get a lot of question and most I can’t answer because these are rescue dogs.
You can’t change a dog’s past but you can rewrite their future.
We don’t have all or even most of the answers but we do know that these dogs are resilient and grateful and their futures can be changed for the better by those who adopt them.
Let’s see what we can do to get all twelve dogs adopted so that I can start complaining that I have way too many PAWSitive Ending stories to write. Wouldn’t that be great?