Yesterday at the dog park I overheard two people talking about where to adopt a dog. At one point a woman began raising her voice in opposition to NEW PAWSibilities being a viable place to adopt dogs.

“They are malnourished. They cough and are sick and are terrified. They are untrainable and they won’t fit into a home.”

I listened with pride as several people jumped in to talk about their dogs who had been rescued from us or how they had more than one of our dogs and that they refer people to us all the time.

The naysayer continued with her complaints. Someone stepped in and asked her where she got her dog. Turns out she went through a breeder in Madison and while she had paid thousands of dollars for the dog and spay surgery and all of the vaccinations and vet care it was worth it to her.
I had a tough time keeping my mouth shut as the conversation bobbed between the breeding versus rescue discussion and where to get a dog if you were foolish enough to adopt at all.

I have to say, those NEW PAWS doggy parents were brilliant in answering questions and defending rescues.

“Of course, they’re malnourished. They were strays eating our of trashcans! Yes, they have kennel cough and worms and other issues and they have received treatment for those and continuing getting excellent care until they are adopted.”

Every single argument against rescuing dogs from us specifically and in general was answered beautifully by our supporters.
Coconut had been running and playing where I could see him and at the best possible moment he ran over to drink from the water bowl positioned next to the first woman’s feet. She reached down to rub my dog and the words of praise tumbled out as she gushed over his softness, how cute and well behaved, what a perfect dog.

“She’s adorable!” People often call Coconut “she” because he is so gorgeous. “What breed?”

“He’s a Shepherd/Mix we rescued two years ago. He was skinny and coughed and suffered from separation anxiety. It didn’t take long at all to transform him into this wonderful dog. He’s Shepherd mixed with love and because he’s from Kentucky he speaks with a Southern accent. I’m so happy we rescued him through NEW PAWSibilities!

Game over. Mic drop.

It’s not a competition. There are benefits and reasons for getting a dog through breeding or rescue. There are challenges training a dog no matter how they came to live in your home. What matters is that one more dog will not die because there is no room for them in this world.

If you are reading this and you were involved in getting the facts out there about our wonderful rescues, thank you. It was nice not working during m