Thank you, Stephanie, for rescuing this sweet girl from NEW PAWSibilities. We appreciate it and we know she does too. 

“I’m grateful that NEW Paws brought Bella to me last August. Shortly after my beloved ten-year-old boxer died, I rescued Bella (aka Sandy). Her sass, spunky attitude, and unconditional love have all rescued me back ever since. Thank you for all that you do for the pups, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!”




Jennie, we love hearing how what we do changes lives. Thank you for sharing your story.

“I’m so thankful for Buddy (aka Barnaby). He’s so playful and such a lover. We brought him home a month and a half ago. He has completely changed our lives for the better.”




So this dog is beyond cool! Thanks for showing us that you can make a dog wear sunglasses, even for a few seconds. And big thank you to Alei for giving Maizie a home.

“I am beyond thankful for my diva dog, Maizie, who came from NEW PAWsabilites in August of 2016. I don’t have kids so she is my baby! She has such a sassy and unique personality, unlike any other dogs I’ve had.”



Our little fur babies do get jealous. I am so glad that your Belle somehow made the long journey here to save you. Thank you, Connie, for sharing your story.

“So grateful for NEW Paws bringing my Belle (then Tammy) to Wisconsin in June – I had lost my best friend of 13 years about 7 months prior and found myself burying my sadness of going to an empty home by staying far too many hours at work. She has brought sass and laughter back to my days and keeps me from overworking- while she has never chewed anything but her toys in the house, she will jump up and nibble at my phone if I’m spending too much time staring at my email (or I guess Facebook ☺️) screen instead of playing with her. ❤️”


Wow! Thank you for getting two of these amazing dogs from us. I am so glad that it worked the first time and that you thought enough of us to try again. Any chance of a third, Stephanie?

“I’m grateful for New Pawsabilities they brought me and my family Holly (chiweine) in 2012 then Roxy in 2016 when we were ready to add another pup to our family.”