We have dogs who fall into these categories.
Connor has three good legs but he gets along brilliantly!
Gypsy is eight-years-old and has so much love to give and lots of energy still.
Ducky has some scarring on his nose which some might think is off-putting.
We have dogs who aren’t brindled or chestnut with spectacular markings, or snowy white, or a spectacular of color.
We have shy dogs, dogs who seem fearful.
But every one of these dogs is going to make the best pets if you just give them a chance. Instead of walking in to meet the obvious dogs, the ones that everyone wants to meet, why not ask an adoption counselor about one who needs a home most of all. Tell them about why you want a dog, what you are looking for, the conditions in your home.
We don’t want you to bring home any other dog than the one you fall in love with. And it might be one of the popular dogs who we know will go home soon anyway. And that’s fine!
My dog was a boring little brown dog, underweight, nothing special. Just a mutt. The owner of NEW PAWS listened to my needs, connected with my heart, and brought out the dog no one had asked about in the three weeks he was at the shelter. That dog came to me sat and stared into my eyes and I knew. And he knew.
Please take a chance on a dog who may not get another chance without you.