Who’s Your Daddy?

I was writing doggy bios for a litter of five puppies a few weeks ago and got quite a few doubters as to the listed breed mix. When our dogs come in from Kentucky they are already named, have an estimated age, and the breeds are determined. We are not allowed to change them so [...]

Who’s Your Daddy?2019-09-03T12:06:53-06:00

A Name, Is a Name, Is a Name

As soon as my grandson found out we were looking at a home with a fence he decided we were going to get a dog. I’d been fighting my doctor for two years about adding a dog to my ever-growing list of treatments for level 10 migraines and PTSD and anxiety from a car wreck. [...]

A Name, Is a Name, Is a Name2019-09-03T12:09:04-06:00

They Made It Home For The Holidays!

"My name is Caroline! I was adopted April of 2017:) I have an amazing home with my BFF, Abby. I’m also getting a big following on Instagram! stinkycaroline come follow me and my silliness!" -- Michelle A Acaley Rice     Dixie (was Madison) adopted in 2015...she has been the most amazing partner in adventure! --Lesley [...]

They Made It Home For The Holidays!2018-12-26T08:53:24-06:00

Owned Human of the Year Award

It’s official. I’m not going to win a Grandma of the Year award any time soon. I might, however, be in the running for the coveted Owned Human of the Year trophy. In case you haven’t seen it, you’ll want to know it’s a crystal dog bowl perched on a dog bone shaped pedestal. We’re [...]

Owned Human of the Year Award2018-12-26T06:25:51-06:00

It’s Our Home, Too

Two weeks ago I hosted the NEW PAWSibilities staff Christmas party at our home. We ate way too much, did the Christmas gift exchange thing, laughed, learned about each other, and had a really nice evening. And our dog survived. Coconut had never had fourteen or fifteen people in his little house before. I was [...]

It’s Our Home, Too2018-12-23T08:04:47-06:00

Dogs Really Are A Man’s Best Friend!

"Chico, renamed, Bubba is ready for the game!! He's adjusting to his new home very well and already has his fur-parents wrapped around his paws!! Thank you again!! It was a long day. Adoption, shopping, grooming, and loved on... of course treats, lots of treats lol... ❤❤❤❤ " – Stephanie Rackus P.S. The Packers lost so Bubba [...]

Dogs Really Are A Man’s Best Friend!2018-12-20T08:24:30-06:00

National Roots Day and Does It Even Matter

Today is National Roots Day, a day that encourages us to look into our heritage, families, family history, and ancestry. It's also my brother's birthday, the brother who took the lead in bringing home stray dogs and asking my overworked mom if we could keep them. She would always say yes. I'm sure this day [...]

National Roots Day and Does It Even Matter2019-09-03T12:10:36-06:00

Spay or Neuter to Decrease Pet Homelessness

Today is National Homeless Persons' Remembrance day and I urge all of us to do whatever we can to help the homeless in our towns, especially with the winter weather. But did you know that in the United States homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1? We love adoptions! But the most cost-effective and [...]

Spay or Neuter to Decrease Pet Homelessness2018-12-23T06:49:24-06:00

The Night Of Butter September 8, 2017

As I write this I am listening to the whir of a machine I pray will clean my light-colored sofa. I’m not totally optimistic that anything can get rid of Coconut’s night of butter a year ago. Yes, this really short dog has quite the reach and though I put the butter on a pan [...]

The Night Of Butter September 8, 20172018-12-17T19:08:37-06:00

A Home Away From Home

Life is full of firsts with a baby or a toddler or even a teenager. Oh, that would be with a new dog for this discussion. And guess who is more nervous about my dog sleep away from home for the first time? It’s certainly not Coconut. I’m going to visit my lovely mother-in-law in [...]

A Home Away From Home2018-12-18T13:46:34-06:00
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