Well Worth The Effort

When my kids were about 8 and 10 we got a puppy. That puppy was the cutest little thing ever. He was a Goldendoodle before that was a breed. My kids got him from an oops litter their friend Sean's mother was trying to give away. There were at least 6 or even 8 as [...]

Well Worth The Effort2019-09-01T10:10:48-06:00

Calling Dr. Puppy

I have twin brothers. I say have because in my heart I will always have brothers here who are seven years younger than me. One of them died over twenty years ago from a rare liver disease. In fact, it's the same disease that took football great Walter Peyton from us far too early. Okay, [...]

Calling Dr. Puppy2019-09-03T11:50:03-06:00
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