From “B” to “A”

Once upon there was a litter of puppies all with a name beginning with the letter B. This little guy's name was Bill. He found a great family who changed it to Apollo and now we get to see how he's grown up!Thank you for sharing these great photos and letting us know about another [...]

From “B” to “A”2019-07-24T06:07:29-06:00

A Very Special Family

Back in January, we received an adoption story. Since then we’ve had an update so we’ll run them both here as a PAWSitive Endings. We are so happy when people continue to update us. Not everyone would be willing to keep Beau and somehow find the money and the energy to care for him through [...]

A Very Special Family2019-07-22T10:01:00-06:00

From Rosie to Jane

We LOVED Jane when she was here and I am so happy to get an update on this little girl. "We wanted to give you guys an update on how Rosie(formally Jane) we adopted her on July 6th and she has been a perfect addition to our family. She just started to play fetch with [...]

From Rosie to Jane2019-07-22T06:45:06-06:00

Calling Doctor Tobey

Some PAWSitive Endings are quick pictures and a few words. This one is deeply personal and allows us a look into the life of someone who has had her life changed because of a dog. Thank you, Courtney, for being so open with your words. We are thrilled that Tobey found the right person. “One [...]

Calling Doctor Tobey2019-07-22T06:24:29-06:00

Another Great Match!

Another great PAWSitive Ending. We can't get enough of these happy stories and pictures. We love the shout out to our staff who take such great care to make the best match possible. "My husband, Tyler, and I adopted Atlas (formerly Ozzy) March 27th, 2019. Here are a ton of photos if needed! Atlas is [...]

Another Great Match!2019-07-20T08:04:53-06:00

Judge: Super Service Dog!

There are many reasons to get a dog. Sometimes it’s for the pure joy of having a workout buddy or a way to help children learn to care for an animal. There are service, therapy, and emotional support dogs that become not only essential support in helping people to live full lives but also beloved [...]

Judge: Super Service Dog!2019-07-19T07:39:37-06:00

And Nixon Makes Three

And here's another happy adoption! "Hi, there! We adopted sweet Nixon last Saturday and just wanted to say how well things are going. we couldn’t be more grateful to have him! He loves his walks, being a ramp for our boys' hot wheels, learning new things for treats, and of course, being told how perfect [...]

And Nixon Makes Three2019-07-18T13:21:32-06:00

Detective Daisy

As you know, PAWSitive Endings make everything we do worth it. It’s hard work running a rescue shelter. You are always wondering if you’ll make payroll or be able to keep the lights on. It’s so much more involved than I ever thought. But then we get stories like this one from Angie Kurth and [...]

Detective Daisy2019-07-16T05:41:40-06:00

The “Duke” of Hazard

We love PAWSititive Endings and this is a great one. It took a while for Salsa to find her person but now he's safe and happy and an amazing little guy. Thank you to Rachel for sharing these pictures and updates. "A little update on Salsa. We started calling him Buster, but it just wasn't [...]

The “Duke” of Hazard2019-07-09T14:13:46-06:00

A Cat Loving Pooch

Another PAWSitive Ending! This story started nearly a year ago when America became Remi after her adoption. Within a month she was already a fantastic addition to Nicole Louise Rabotski’s family. She learned many commands and skills, figured out that she loves her kitty brother, and loved her home. She instantly became one spoiled little [...]

A Cat Loving Pooch2019-07-03T05:36:19-06:00