A Loyal Protector

If you ever wonder why we do what we do then reading this will help you to understand. Ziva is one of the dogs we rescued the first year we were open and we love hearing from their owners. Thank you to Haley for the message, the photos, and the donation. Seriously, people like this [...]

A Loyal Protector2020-01-22T08:12:38-06:00

It’s A Boy!

🐾💕 Happy Adoption Day Braxton 💕🐾 A year ago we went to visit local shelters. We met this boy and we knew we were not leaving there without him. He is such a good boy and fits into our crazy family perfectly! — at N. E. W. PAWSibilities.

It’s A Boy!2020-01-20T09:28:30-06:00

Not One, But Two!

Thank you to Angela Paige for sharing this PAWSitive Ending with us about her two NEWW PAWS pups. Losing not one but two dogs must have been awful. Thank you for choosing to adopt these two dogs and we are thrilled to learn how well they are adjusting.   "I just wanted to update you [...]

Not One, But Two!2020-01-19T10:34:04-06:00

You’ll Know When You Know

That's how it is with dogs. When we came in to find a dog Gary had very specific ideas of what he wanted, a larger female, and I didn't even want a dog. The dog was actually for me to be my emotional support dog.   Gary chose the three dogs we would meet in [...]

You’ll Know When You Know2020-01-05T09:58:07-06:00

Ducky DNA Results!

Another fun DNA test and this one with some matches to other dogs and that's one of the coolest parts of DNA testing I've seen. Thank you, Lindsey, for sharing these results and pictures and we love your PAWSitive Ending story. We look forward to more results and pictures. Let us know about the health [...]

Ducky DNA Results!2020-01-05T09:32:15-06:00

Every Day Is Taco Tuesday!

This! This is making my Christmas and this is why we do what we do. Taco was one of our special dogs that took quite a while to socialize. Men were definitely not a favorite of this adorable pooch. But little by little the shell opened and out popped Taco the Christmas miracle. Okay, it [...]

Every Day Is Taco Tuesday!2019-12-25T08:51:33-06:00

Ellie the Christmas Blessing

Another PAWSitive Ending! These make all of our hard work worth it, don't you think? "I hope everyone is having a nice holiday season! I just wanted to let you know that Edna, who now goes by Ellie is doing GREAT! She is a wonderful companion and has really blossomed! She has such a loving [...]

Ellie the Christmas Blessing2019-12-25T08:42:02-06:00

Merry Christmas, Tango!

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with stories about happy families. Thank you, Kevin and Michelle, for the love you have shown to Tango! Isn't he the most beautiful dog? We think so!   "We wanted to share a picture of Tango’s first Christmas in his forever home. Tango became a part of [...]

Merry Christmas, Tango!2019-12-25T08:17:11-06:00

Six Years And Still In Love!

We love, love, love PAWSitive Endings and we really love them when they are from families who have been together for many years like the Tieslings. Thank you for sharing!   Merry Christmas New PAWSibilities,   As another year is ending, we just wanted to share with you how our sweet Bella is doing. She [...]

Six Years And Still In Love!2019-12-18T08:00:51-06:00