Finally Home!

Way to start out the week with another PAWSitive Ending story. I love this one because her family wrote it in her voice which is a fun twist. Congratulations to Leah and her wonderful new family! "This is Leah. I was adopted on September 18th. My soon to be family, drove an hour to see [...]

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And Now There Are Three!

Cici didn't stay with us long because the Callaway family knew she was the perfect fit for their family. Here's her adoption picture and look at her now!   "Elly, formerly known as CiCi is adjusting nicely in her new home with her brothers Luke and Beavis. Thanks for letting her join our pack." -- [...]

And Now There Are Three!2019-11-08T06:21:54-06:00

A True Lord

The sun is out and we have a PAWSitive Ending to share. Trust me, both of these things bring a smile to my face. Isn't this the best name ever? "Hi, all- I wanted to tell your rescue how I absolutely LOVE my dog that was adopted from you. I adopted “Rex” on July 27th, [...]

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Writing and posting bios on transport day is exhausting but fun. The fun part is imaging who will get each dog, how much that dog will come to mean to their families. The right dog in the right home is a perfect picture of love. After a long, long day it's fun getting pictures of [...]


A Whole New Life

Another PAWSitive Ending! We are are always happy to get reports of our dogs in their new homes. Thank you to Shelley for sending these wonderful pictures and for loving Rollie and giving him a great home.   "It's been a month and a half since we adopted our Rollie (aka Mikey) and we just [...]

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And Banjo Is His Name!

Nothing makes us happier than our NEW PAWS families checking in to let us know how they are loving their dogs. Kelly Behling sent this precious picture and we are as thrilled as they are. Congratulation! "We adopted our buddy, Banjo, seven months ago to the day! Banjo, formally Juan, has been living his best [...]

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Connecting Lives, Healing Hearts

Our family wanted to share about three dogs who have blessed us through N.E.W. Pawsibilities In 2013, we adopted the gentlest little cocker spaniel that we named Hannah. She came home and joined our two other dogs, Ryan and Thomas. She was completely blind and it was love at first sight (pun intended). You would [...]

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Lilo the Lovely!

You ever have one of those weeks or months when you wonder does anything you do even matter? That would be me today. We work hard to rescue dogs from a high kill shelter who might likely not be in good homes if we didn't help. Yet for every dog that we rescue, there are [...]

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And She Loves Cats, Too!

Another PAWSitive Ending! And she even loves cats! Congratulations to you and thank you for adopting Raven. "I just have to share with y’all how much I love our Raven (formerly Rain)! Thank y’all so much for sharing her with us and we always enjoy our weekend boardings by you, as well!! She loves her [...]

And She Loves Cats, Too!2019-10-11T12:34:59-06:00

Ohana Means Family

We love PAWSitive Endings and we are always thrilled to report how awesome our dogs are doing. Today's report comes from Emily Grace. Gotta say, being from Hawaii I love the name Ohana though I've never seen the Lilo and Stitch movie. "I adopted ‘Buddy’ – his name is now Ohana. I just thought it [...]

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