An Unexpected Delight

Last month we hosted our first annual Wine and Wags Dog-Friendly Wine Tasting and Fundraising Event at Rushford Meadery and Winery in Omro. At the time we decided not to make it an adoption event because there was so much else going on that day. Silly us! Who can resist the lure of puppies! Hannah [...]

An Unexpected Delight2019-04-14T05:28:00-06:00

Happy Dozer Day!

Hello, We thought you would like to hear that Dozer is very well loved and doing awesome! Yesterday was his one year adopted birthday into our family! He has come such a long way. He can still be timid at times (especially with water-he does not care for water at all 😊) but he has [...]

Happy Dozer Day!2019-04-04T08:24:22-06:00

Las Vegas, Baby!

Alumnus update! The bigger of the tan dogs in these pictures was adopted from you guys on 12/26/2012. Since being adopted, he has moved to Nevada (Las Vegas) and now has 4 feline siblings, 3 canine and 2 African grey parrots - all ALSO rescues! Buddy came from Kentucky to NEW Pawsibilities to us...and he’s [...]

Las Vegas, Baby!2019-03-19T09:58:48-06:00

Ludo… Five Years Later

We love updates! This update came in one year ago and turned up on our timeline this morning. This means that Ludo has been in his home for five years. Five years of fun and joy and being silly and loving his best bud "cousin." Rescuing dogs is only part of what we do. Finding perfect [...]

Ludo… Five Years Later2019-02-04T07:38:21-06:00

Harley Has A Home!

Last week a litter of ten puppies reached the adoptable age. As I was writing the bios I questioned if the paperwork was right because there looked to be three distinct types of puppies. These little sweethearts were three-month-old Retriever/Shepherd, Australian puppies. Turns out a dog can get pregnant during a three-week span and can [...]

Harley Has A Home!2019-01-07T09:41:20-06:00

Off To a Great Start!

"One look at our rescue Alex, on his "Gotcha" day vs. now. Love and care allowed this fella a second chance." -- Tom Long         "Bentley & Gretta were adopted from you nearly two years ago and I am forever grateful!" -- Tom Prestby         "Chester was just the [...]

Off To a Great Start!2019-01-03T13:41:07-06:00

They Made It Home For The Holidays!

"My name is Caroline! I was adopted April of 2017:) I have an amazing home with my BFF, Abby. I’m also getting a big following on Instagram! stinkycaroline come follow me and my silliness!" -- Michelle A Acaley Rice     Dixie (was Madison) adopted in 2015...she has been the most amazing partner in adventure! --Lesley [...]

They Made It Home For The Holidays!2018-12-26T08:53:24-06:00