Detective Daisy

As you know, PAWSitive Endings make everything we do worth it. It’s hard work running a rescue shelter. You are always wondering if you’ll make payroll or be able to keep the lights on. It’s so much more involved than I ever thought. But then we get stories like this one from Angie Kurth and [...]

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The “Duke” of Hazard

We love PAWSititive Endings and this is a great one. It took a while for Salsa to find her person but now he's safe and happy and an amazing little guy. Thank you to Rachel for sharing these pictures and updates. "A little update on Salsa. We started calling him Buster, but it just wasn't [...]

The “Duke” of Hazard2019-07-09T14:13:46-06:00

A Cat Loving Pooch

Another PAWSitive Ending! This story started nearly a year ago when America became Remi after her adoption. Within a month she was already a fantastic addition to Nicole Louise Rabotski’s family. She learned many commands and skills, figured out that she loves her kitty brother, and loved her home. She instantly became one spoiled little [...]

A Cat Loving Pooch2019-07-03T05:36:19-06:00

Best Buds!

We love happy endings and families in love with their dogs. Today Tiffany McGonigle sent us an update and pictures and we couldn’t be more excited. “I just wanted to send an update on our newest edition Stella (formerly Nancy) and her "sister" Luca (we adopted her six years ago from NEW PAWSibilities.) We adopted [...]

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Loving His Big Brother

PAWSitive Endings are the entire reason we do what we do. Rescuing dogs is pretty cool but we could never do it unless we had homes and that's where you come in. We absolutely love when people come and visit and fall in love with their perfect dog and getting updates makes our day. "I [...]

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Brewer The Wonder Dog

Ally sent this from an Instagram submission. We love PAWSitive Endings and this is the first one we've gotten through Instagram. You're going to love this story. Keep 'em coming! “These are some pictures of my dog, Brewer (you named him Tanner). Your rescue brought him from Kentucky with his brother, Choco. They are hound [...]

Brewer The Wonder Dog2019-06-03T07:30:48-06:00

Their Little Buddy

The PAWSitive Endings just keep rolling in! These stories are why we do what we do. Karl is now Buddy and he is their best buddy so it's the perfect name. Feel free to share your PAWSitive Ending with us so we can share it with our community. "Thank you for such a great dog. [...]

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Easiest Dog Ever

We love getting PAWSitive Endings stories and this one is exceptionally good. Cooper sounds like the easiest dog ever and we are thrilled to have played a part in your finding your BFF. If you have a story we'd love to share it with our rescue and adoption community! "We adopted Cooper, (his new name) [...]

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Mountain Climbing Dog

Another great PAWSititive Endings story. Thank you for sending it in and reminding us of exactly why we do what we do. "I adopted Luna in August of 2018 and she has become my absolute best friend. Her health has improved exponentially after a rough start, and now she's busy climbing mountains and snuggling her [...]

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World Traveling Pooch

It's never too late to brag about your dog. We love hearing updates about successful adoptions that have changed your family. As we celebrate National Rescue Dog Day please consider sending in comments and pictures we can post on our PAWSitive Endings link on our website. Here is an update and we are thrilled that [...]

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