Best Dog Ever!

Hailee Martin sent in this short but oh so sweet update. We love sharing these! And we remember this litter of cuties.   "We adopted Izzy formerly known as Monica last November from you guys. She just turned one at the beginning of August. She is truly the best dog we could’ve asked for and [...]

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Door Dashers!

We live in an old house with double doors. The house was built in 1875 and while I doubt the doors are that old they are turn of the century.   When we moved here we didn't have a dog and had no intention of getting a dog. So the fact that our screen door [...]

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Health Care Tips

Good morning. I rained during the night! It was so hot and muggy that the rain was quite a blessing. You know what else is a blessing? Dogs!   We have dogs coming in and ready for adoption on Thursday. If you have not adopted a dog then it's good to count the cost of [...]

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Laughter Every Day

Thank you to Lynn Smith for her short and sweet update and incredibly adorable photo. This dog! "Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Britta is doing well. I have had her now 5 years and she makes me laugh everyday!! ❤" -- Lynn Smith

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Dogs Know

2020. The year that keeps on giving. And it's the year that makes you really glad you have a job. My poor husband. January there was skin cancer removal. It was a HUGE area but his six-month check-up shows he's all good. March there was this little thing called prostate cancer and the subsequent removal. [...]

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A Fair Opportunity

Yesterday we talked about dogs who might be harder to adopt and how we work to find them homes no matter how long or how hard it is. But what about the other side of the story? When we adopted Coconut we were the most uneducated people out there regarding rescues and shelters. I seriously [...]

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Spoiled Much?

No matter how fun it is to see the new puppies and dogs and then cheer when they are adopted nothing comes close to the PAWSitive Ending stories. We love hearing about how each dog is blending into their family and bring joy and happiness to them.   Thank you to Jessica Lynn for sending [...]

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All Lives Matter More

When we get puppies in they fly out of as if they had magic superpowers. Well, they kind of do. They're puppies.   Smaller dogs under twenty or thirty pounds find homes pretty quickly. Then certain breeds like Beagles or Huskies, or Cattle Dogs are always a hit.   But then we have some dogs [...]

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How time flies! Thank you to Sarah Hovis for sending over here pupdate (her creative title, not mine) which we love. What a pupcake!   "July 31st marked one year with River (Roma). We celebrated her birthday/gotcha day Saturday complete with her own pupcake and photoshoot. Thank you for bringing this sweet, silly goof into [...]


A Book and a Dog

Today is National Book Lovers Day! People have asked me how I've gotten through this pandemic as I am sure they have asked you. What's your answer? I've always done this part-time job from home so that isn't different. The scope of what I do has changed because there has been such a shortage of [...]

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