Doggy Daycare To The Rescue!

A tired dog is a good dog, right? We’ve all heard it before and while that might be true it often seems that the Energizer Bunny ain’t got nothing on some dogs.   So while you might know how important it is to give your dog the care and attention he or she needs, it’s [...]

Doggy Daycare To The Rescue!2020-05-27T09:02:47-06:00

Dog-Friendly Fruits and Veggies

Nothing is prettier than new life in the spring. But before planting, please remember that not all plants are good for dogs and some are downright toxic. This is a really great guide from the ASPCA about toxic and non-toxic plants. They have a nifty filter bu dogs, cats, or horses. The more we can [...]

Dog-Friendly Fruits and Veggies2020-05-27T07:45:48-06:00

We’re Still Standing!

On Monday we had a staff meeting at NEW PAWSibilities. It was good to see co-workers I had not seen for over two months though we've all been doing our part to keep our dogs healthy and happy and to facilitate adoptions in this new way.   When I got the text about the meeting [...]

We’re Still Standing!2020-05-24T14:37:17-06:00

A Tired Daisy Is A Good Daisy

What a beautiful dog! Nothing makes us happier than when a dog chooses the perfect family which seems to the case here. We are loving these stories!   "This month marks 3 years since we adopted Daisy (she was Fluffy at first) from New Pawsibilities. She is smart, funny, and a great companion, especially if [...]

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Video Training From

When we first got Coconut I knew nothing about dogs and why they do what they did. We made an appointment with our vet as soon as possible to make sure he was healthy and what we should be looking at in terms of adding weight and anything else we had not thought about.   [...]

Video Training From Givesmiles.us2020-05-23T06:58:37-06:00

Live Like A Dog

If you're like me and you've not been working, doing girl's nights or family dinners on the weekend, it's hard to keep track of the days of the week.   Your world has likely shrunk and so it's going to take some time even when we get back to whatever normal looks like to get [...]

Live Like A Dog2020-05-22T07:25:43-06:00

Choosing The Right Puppy (Or Dog)

As you've probably figured out by now we have no dogs available for adoption this week and this makes us all really sad. While we wait for dogs to become available it's good to think about what kind of dog will do best in your home. There are so many considerations!   This is a [...]

Choosing The Right Puppy (Or Dog)2020-05-21T12:52:47-06:00

The Best Thing To Come From COVID

Talk about a sweet and incredibly beautiful dog! Roxie was one of the first dogs adopted when the COVID-19 Safer-in-Place order went into effect. We know that dogs can make a difference when people are going through huge changes in their lives. Roxie is only one of our hero dogs who are helping people each [...]

The Best Thing To Come From COVID2020-05-18T10:45:11-06:00

And She Loves Cats!

Another successful adoption on Friday. Lilly2 was another girl who had lots of interested people but it looks like she chose the perfect family. Such a pretty girl and we love her new name. Leeloo is going to bring so much joy to her new family.   "We could not be happier with Lilly2, now [...]

And She Loves Cats!2020-05-18T07:47:00-06:00

Perfectly Precious Pooch

We love it when people adopt their perfect pets but we love it, even more, when they take the time to thank us for making the process so easy. And look at this little boy! Something tells me there's some spoiling in his future. Congratulations and enjoy this wonderful boy.   "We just wanted to [...]

Perfectly Precious Pooch2020-05-18T05:42:46-06:00