A Puddle Drinking, Bug Eating Joy

There are many reasons we love getting PAWSitive Ending stories even when they are not signed. We love knowing that what we do matters, but somehow it's even better when we know it was an instant success.   Most of the time there are bumps in the road. Some of them are serious bumps and [...]

A Puddle Drinking, Bug Eating Joy2021-03-04T10:40:28-06:00

A Dog, Kids, and the Sun

Dogs have this amazing ability to help us feel normal, like nothing horrible is happening. Dogs have a way of loving us to the point where we know everything will turn out all right as long as we have a buddy at home making life better. It was in the 40s yesterday and so we [...]

A Dog, Kids, and the Sun2021-03-04T10:31:16-06:00

Three Years!

We got Coconut from NEW PAWS when he was fourteen-months-old. He was skinny, so, so thin. He was almost an adult dog but he had puppy-like annoying habits. Well, they were annoying to me. Chewing my phone charging cable, counter surfing if I left something too low, destroying my brand new prescription glasses, and so [...]

Three Years!2021-02-19T09:45:56-06:00

Her Four-Legged Children

There are days when the struggle to stay open in the middle of this seemingly never ending pandemic makes us wonder why we continue. And then we get something like this. Oh my goodness, stories like this make us cry and smile and they give us reasons to keep doing what we do. We love [...]

Her Four-Legged Children2021-02-16T17:45:12-06:00


We are located at 2300 Algoma Blvd in Oshkosh. Please visit our website at https://www.newpawsibilities.com/adoptable-dogs/ to learn more about all of our dogs, our adoption fees, and the process. All dogs are deleted as soon as they are adopted so always check first to make sure they are still available.

Jake: ADOPTED!2021-02-20T11:02:07-06:00

100% Beagle

How cute is this pooch? And it turns out that Piper is 100% Beagle! We love getting these results. So much fun.   "Hello! For Christmas, my parents got us a DNA my dog testing kit for our pup, Piper, that we adopted from you in October. Today we received our results and we wanted [...]

100% Beagle2021-02-16T17:46:30-06:00

Yes, We Want No Bananas

It's official. My dog hates healthy people food. Won't eat peanut butter, laughs at apples, and pretty much scoffs at any healthy food. Cheese is the exception and I'm not putting that into the healthy category. Good? You bet. Healthy?   So I'm making banana bread and my house smells delicious and my dog is [...]

Yes, We Want No Bananas2021-02-09T13:21:06-06:00

Little Guy, Big Personality

We love reading DNA reports. We love knowing that the right dog went home with the right families. It's why we do what we do! What a perfect fit for this cute doggy.   "Hi! I adopted my dog Huckleberry (Adam) from you in 2012. I had an Embark dog DNA test done on him [...]

Little Guy, Big Personality2021-02-06T09:07:52-06:00

BFF Doggies

We love PAWSitive Endings. It's why we go through the expense and craziness of adoption days because we know we are creating special families. Like this one. How cute are these two dogs? Congratulations to this beautiful family!   "Axel have been a great fit for our family. We couldn't have picked a better friend [...]

BFF Doggies2021-02-06T08:22:53-06:00
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