The Happiest Boy Ever

We're thinking that someone might just want to come and help us with our photography needs! These are such adorable pictures and just look at Raylad's happy smile. We love PAWSitive Endings and this a truly wonderful one. "We just wanted to send you an update on “Avery” now Rayland! It’s been a little over [...]

The Happiest Boy Ever2020-02-18T14:21:37-06:00

Random Acts of Kindness Day Is Every Day

Yesterday we celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day. Want to know the cool thing? Every single day is a day to be kind. I love this graphic because my dog hates falling water on his head. I mean he really, really hates it. He's also a runner.   We've worked hard at getting the neighbor's [...]

Random Acts of Kindness Day Is Every Day2020-02-18T10:37:27-06:00

Layla the Sunshine Dog

What a way to start the week! We love PAWSitive Endings and here's a new one that we adore. Thank you for sharing how much your baby means to you! "I just wanted to share some pictures and update you on “Missy” now Layla. Prior to adopting her, we weren’t sure what she was mixed [...]

Layla the Sunshine Dog2020-02-17T04:48:16-06:00

And Angel of a Dog

I write bios, I do all the PAWSitive Endings. I do doggie days. I see so many dog pictures. But this! OMG this girl is something else. What a unique and gorgeous girl. I love this and so will you. GREAT pictures. "Just wanted to share some pictures of “Sheila” now Angel! She was very [...]

And Angel of a Dog2020-02-13T17:11:47-06:00

He Healed Their Hearts

Yeah! Another PAWSitive Endings story. We love these so much. We are thrilled for this family and for Jackson.   "Hi. I just wanted to share with you my little Jackson who I adopted from NEW in 2015. He has been such a blessing. He came into my world after I lost my black lab [...]

He Healed Their Hearts2020-02-13T07:55:20-06:00

A Harry Potter Fan!

She used to be Lana but her new family, obviously a Harry Potter fan, gave her an awesome new moniker. Isn't Luna Lovegood a great name? And look how beautiful she is and happy. We love these PAWSitive Ending stories and we hope you do too. "We just wanted to share some pics of my [...]

A Harry Potter Fan!2020-02-11T09:19:52-06:00

BFF Canine Style

Today is a no brainer day because it's National Make a New Friend Day and if that's not our day I don't know what is.   There's no shortage of quotes about dogs and friends on the Internet. I think my favorite might be from Thom Jones. "Dogs have a way of finding the people [...]

BFF Canine Style2020-02-11T07:48:44-06:00

Four Years of Fur, Fun, and Love!

Holly Rae sent us this on Saturday but we were so busy we didn' get a chance to post her note. Look how happy this little pooch is!   "4 years ago today... the first picture from your site...   Now??? Thanks for all that you do. 4 years of fur, fun & 🐾❤️🐾 Cooper [...]

Four Years of Fur, Fun, and Love!2020-02-09T07:50:27-06:00

A Different Kind of Rescue

You've seen these pictures all over Facebook, on TV ads, and newspapers. You know where you have not seen this? At NEW PAWSibilities.   We believe dogs should play and have fun with doggie doors to be able to go in and out at they please. Would you want to live in a cage all [...]

A Different Kind of Rescue2020-02-07T08:23:50-06:00

One Small Act

I collect memes if you have not noticed. I've had this one sitting around for months.   If you see someone being ignored, find a way to include them. If someone has been knocked down, lift them up. ... One small act could mean the world to them.   Every day when I decide what [...]

One Small Act2020-02-06T08:16:58-06:00