It Takes Time!

Yesterday I posted about how not every dog and family is a 100% successful match. At NEW PAWSibilities we believe choosing and paying an adoption fee is only the first step to life-long loving relationships between dogs and their persons. The list is long when it comes to why people bring a dog back to [...]

It Takes Time!2020-05-03T07:47:55-06:00

Happy Gotcha Day to Atlas!

Happy Gotcha Day to Atlas! Yep, one year ago today and we are loving these pictures and this update. What a super way to start off the day. Congratulations to Kristina and Atlas!   "Hello! I adopted my dog from you guys one year ago tomorrow! (4/28/2019) And he’s been amazing! He’s a wonderful boy, [...]

Happy Gotcha Day to Atlas!2020-04-27T14:56:53-06:00

He Did It!

A few months ago a lovely young man contacted us about doing a project for his senior year at the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh. He had heard about the RUFF Times Food Pantry at NEW PAWSibilities and decided to raise $500.00 to buy food to donate to our community. He created a Facebook page [...]

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Sidekick Cuddles

What do you miss about our current Safer at Home situation? I miss walking downtown and stopping to greet all the people along the way. I miss shopping at antique shops and enjoying waterfront dining. I miss being able to fly to different states to see family and friends. There's so much to miss.   [...]

Sidekick Cuddles2020-04-26T09:41:13-06:00

COVID-19 Policies and Adoption

COVID-19 SHELTER POLICIES IN PLACE   We require a completed and approved application before adoption. Even if you are thinking this might not quite be the right time to add a furry friend to your family, it’s never too early to complete an application. Once you are approved you remain in our approved file for [...]

COVID-19 Policies and Adoption2020-04-25T08:28:54-06:00

Food, Glorious Food!

One of my favorite musicals is Oliver complete with a song called Food, Glorious Food! I imagine if my dog could sing that would be one he sang every day. Food is serious business to my dog and yours as well I would imagine. At NEW PAWSibilities we work with an organization called Rescue Bank, [...]

Food, Glorious Food!2020-04-21T09:05:22-06:00

A Very Happy Gotcha Day!

Jamie Lynne is about ready to make your day. Today is Gotcha Day for her NEW PAWS pup and these pictures are just the best ever. Talk about a handsome group of dogs! Thank you so much for opening your home and your heart to these dogs and especially to the birthday boy.   "Just [...]

A Very Happy Gotcha Day!2020-04-19T11:54:45-06:00

A Good Day To Be Happy

Yes! It's a good day to be happy. When my kids were little they did a May Day program with the typically off-key but adorable singing. What made our programs so darned cute were the aloha shirts and dresses they wore and the different styles of hula each class learned and presented. Of course, the [...]

A Good Day To Be Happy2020-04-07T09:23:46-06:00

Vomiting: Dogs Get Tummy Aches, too.

When I was little and had an upset tummy or just felt yucky I remember my mom telling me to, "shake it off," and I guess I did because I never missed a day of school from kindergarten through high school graduation. I might have not felt 100% but with eight kids at home, I [...]

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