Happy Gotcha Day, Aspen

A year already? We remember this day and it was such a fun adoption. Thank you, Matt, for sending over these pictures. This is such a cute pup!   "One year ago yesterday I adopted my sweet Aspen from NEW Pawsibilities!!! Nothing but love this past year! I appreciate you all for giving all your [...]

Happy Gotcha Day, Aspen2020-07-21T06:11:23-06:00

A Lily By Any Other Name

I never set out to have a dog own me, trust me, our dogs own us, nor did I never see myself using an app to identify plants and pull weeds. So many, many weeds. But this summer my life has been all about dogs and gardens. A few weeks ago I needed some help [...]

A Lily By Any Other Name2020-07-20T11:43:27-06:00

We have dogs! Such a delightful variety today. Bios are on our site and here on individual Facebook posts. We're all trying to go about our lives and feel normal. I don't know about you but it doesn't feel normal. But my dog has been my savior during all of this. I have to get [...]


National Pet Fire Safety Day

When I first started writing bios as a volunteer we had a dog that has been rescued after a house fire. His owner died and while the dog made it out he was burned all over, had terrible skin burns, and lost most of his hair. To say he was unattractive was putting it mildly. [...]

National Pet Fire Safety Day2020-07-15T08:44:08-06:00


We love success stories and this one from Dani Hatch is a great one. Thank you, Dani, for never giving up on Sadie. She is lucky to have you and I bet you're happy to have her, too.  "Hi there, happy July! I just wanted to share this before and after photo of my dog, [...]


On The Road Again Rosie!

Ready for more news from Wisconsin's most spoiled dog? Seriously, we think there may be others who travel, get their own hotel bed, see the ocean, go hiking, and fly on planes. There might be. But for now, it sure looks like the winner is Rosie. Sounds like this little miss needs to have her [...]

On The Road Again Rosie!2020-07-02T05:19:48-06:00

Healthy, Happy, and Loved … Eventually

Shelter dogs make incredible pets. They can be loyal, grateful, and generous with their affection. They can also have some special issues that make parenting them a little more complex than dogs with simpler origin stories. The key to being a successful rescue dog owner is understanding – and being compassionate to – these challenges. [...]

Healthy, Happy, and Loved … Eventually2020-07-01T09:39:56-06:00

Patience Equals Success

One of my sisters is four years younger than me. She has always been nurturing and kind and it's no surprise she is a nurse. She married a Texas Ranger in Houston, Texas. They each settled into their new careers, saved for a down payment, and purchased a home in a section of town with [...]

Patience Equals Success2020-06-26T11:53:38-06:00

As we get closer to having dogs this week it's good to review some of the issues that rescue dogs can have prior to adoption. Please know that dogs need training whether they are puppies or any other age. If you are thinking it's easy then maybe a dog is not for you. But if [...]