A Good Day To Be Happy

Yes! It's a good day to be happy. When my kids were little they did a May Day program with the typically off-key but adorable singing. What made our programs so darned cute were the aloha shirts and dresses they wore and the different styles of hula each class learned and presented. Of course, the [...]

A Good Day To Be Happy2020-04-07T09:23:46-06:00

Vomiting: Dogs Get Tummy Aches, too.

When I was little and had an upset tummy or just felt yucky I remember my mom telling me to, "shake it off," and I guess I did because I never missed a day of school from kindergarten through high school graduation. I might have not felt 100% but with eight kids at home, I [...]

Vomiting: Dogs Get Tummy Aches, too.2020-04-07T07:20:24-06:00

A Picture of Hope

We have the best community ever. Dog lovers tend to be compassionate and they love to spread happiness and hope wherever they go. Julie Mayer sent the sweetest story with a sign of hope we all need. Thank you so much, Julie.   "I have a nice little story that happened last year that I [...]

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Bosco the Birdwatcher

Mandy Kraemer sent us the cutest pictures of Bosco (AKA Skip) and we are in love! "We adopted Skip in October and he loves his new home. He is 15 pounds and a muscular little guy. He enjoys chasing his fury sister around the house and begs for ice cubes around the clock! Now that [...]

Bosco the Birdwatcher2020-04-04T08:50:35-06:00

No Surprises Here

Susie Lettaur donated to our $31.00/31 Days and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much, Susie!   "We donated $32 for your campaign. $31 to honor the dogs and $1 to honor ours that we adopted from New Pawsibilites. We adopted Braxton on January 20th, 2019. We had an Embark test done to check [...]

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100% Lovable Rescue

Julie Mayer proudly supports us during our $31.00/31 Days Campaign and we hope you will consider donating $31.00 or more before May 1. Thank you, Julie!   "I did my donation for 31.00 in honor of Abby who I adopted from New Pawsibilities 3 years ago. She’s a sweet dog with her own personality, loves [...]

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A Thousand Reasons To Smile

“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.” Right now we all feel like we have one hundred reasons to cry. Fear. Fear is a big one. Fear of getting sick, of our children or elderly parents developing the virus. Fear of finances is [...]

A Thousand Reasons To Smile2020-04-02T12:21:57-06:00

The Confession

And now, without further ado, the big confession. The Urban Dictionary says the long game is having a long-term plan, long-term goals, or doing things now that set you up for the future. If you have a dog you know I’m right. The first thing they do is to perfect the look. You know that [...]

The Confession2020-03-28T13:26:48-06:00