Protector of his Family

Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing we have added a family member that has worked out well. We love these stories! "Last November in fact the day before Thanksgiving we adopted Manny. Our entire family is so thankful to have him in our lives. He’s a loving, caring, playful, cuddling, chipmunk catching, and protector of [...]

Protector of his Family2020-12-22T10:13:02-06:00

Checking the List

Good morning and welcome to puppy day! Yes, we seven adorable puppies ready for someone to come and visit today. Christmas is a wonderful time of year and for some people, it's the best time to handle the excitement of a puppy. This year many of you are still at home and have time to [...]

Checking the List2020-12-22T08:28:06-06:00

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

I met a woman with a dog a few months ago on one of our many, many walks we do each day. Coconut loves people and dogs and Linda seemed like someone I'd like to get to know and Bailey is a wonderful girl. She’s a mini Golden Retriever and absolutely adorable. Bailey, not Linda. [...]

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog2020-12-16T15:18:49-06:00

Leo The Brave: Part Two

We love when adopters give us updates about how things are going with their new four-legged family member. But we especially love it when the dogs are the ones telling their side of the story. We are assuming he dictated this to his person since ya kind of need opposable thumbs to type. When I [...]

Leo The Brave: Part Two2020-12-16T08:46:51-06:00

Drowning in the Mud

Today is National Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day. Besides the obvious and traveling to when there was no COVID what time would you travel to in your own life or in history? Hands down I'd travel back to June 15, 2016, and leave the beach five minutes later than we did that day. [...]

Drowning in the Mud2020-12-08T08:06:33-06:00

Leo The Brave

We asked for PAWSitive Endings to go through Thanksgiving because we are so thankful for our dogs and all of these incredible adoptions. But they keep coming and we love it! Here's one that Leo wrote those I think maybe he had a little help. Love, love, love this! "I'm Leo and I'm 1 yr [...]

Leo The Brave2020-12-03T08:40:56-06:00

The Perfect Match

Talk about a perfect match. I love this PAWSitive Ending story. We seriously have the best adopters around.   "Hello there. We adopted Henry (formerly Timmy) on November 14th, 2015. He was about 5 months old. I was not looking for another dog, but I saw his photo on your Facebook page and it was [...]

The Perfect Match2020-12-03T07:52:59-06:00
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