Coming Back as a Dog

If there is reincarnation then when I die and come back I want to come back as a dog. Not just any dog, of course. I’m thinking I’d come back as my dog or if that’s not possible I want to come back as a NEW PAWS dog. You guys sure love your dogs and [...]

Coming Back as a Dog2019-08-30T07:06:52-06:00

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Last month we took a beautiful drive to Traverse City, MI to see family and we took Coconut. He is such a great little traveler that he makes vacations easy. Our family has an acre but it's not fenced and has some pretty busy traffic on two roads so we could not let Coconut run [...]

All Dogs Go To Heaven2019-08-28T07:36:34-06:00

Smart, Budget-Minded Travel Trips When You’re Vacationing with Pets

August is the number one travel month of the year I learned when I worked at Air Canada. Last-minute vacations before school starts, college kids, new jobs, and family reunions are the majority of reasons people travel in August. Until I got a dog I never thought about traveling with a pet. Earlier this summer [...]

Smart, Budget-Minded Travel Trips When You’re Vacationing with Pets2019-08-10T07:06:52-06:00

She’s Now A Believer!

Thank you, Denise Kay Fetzer, for sending in pictures of your little girl. Lily, short for Lilith, came to us as Ronni. It's funny how Mom is so entranced with her son's new dog because Lily is actually her son's dog that he adopted in December of 2018. "She's as docile as can be - [...]

She’s Now A Believer!2019-08-08T06:28:37-06:00

King of the Sofa

We are in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan on Coconut's longest road trip ever. We had a lovely albeit long ride up here with a stop for lunch and a few potty breaks. We are so lucky cause Coconut's a great traveler! My brother-in-law and his wife are wonderful people, you know, the salt of the [...]

King of the Sofa2019-08-04T08:46:41-06:00

An Apple A Day Makes Life Perfect

We love pictures and stories! One thing that surprised me in was how far people drive to find their perfect pooch. Ripon isn't that far but we still appreciate coming to Oshkosh to find Apple. We've had people drive here from MN, IL, MI and more. Facebook and pet adoption referral sites are making a [...]

An Apple A Day Makes Life Perfect2019-08-02T06:54:02-06:00

National Mutt Day

Today is National Mutt Day! Do you know what that means? Today is your day to find your perfect mutt because we have wonderful dogs. So why a mutt? Or we can call them mixed breeds, chop suey, or like we do in Hawaii, poi dogs. No matter what you call them we call them [...]

National Mutt Day2019-07-31T06:28:15-06:00

Smitten With Blake

What a wonderful way to start my day! An inbox filled with happy adopters taking the time to share their stories. Please keep them coming because they are so much fun and give us such joy. Our first story is from Lyn Konopacky. She is obviously smitten with Blake as we all were when he [...]

Smitten With Blake2019-07-25T06:39:13-06:00

From “B” to “A”

Once upon there was a litter of puppies all with a name beginning with the letter B. This little guy's name was Bill. He found a great family who changed it to Apollo and now we get to see how he's grown up!Thank you for sharing these great photos and letting us know about another [...]

From “B” to “A”2019-07-24T06:07:29-06:00