PAWSitively Perfect DNA Results Reveal!

Okay, ready for the reveal? Prior to dreaming up this idea I truly believed Coconut was a Shepherd/Mix and while I didn't have a clue as to what the mix part was I never once doubted the Shepherd label. I figured he was mixed with a small dog because he was medium and Shepherds are [...]

PAWSitively Perfect DNA Results Reveal!2019-11-11T15:18:36-06:00

Brooks the Snow Baby!

Today might be cold outside but this PAWSitive Ending story is going to warm your heart. Thank you to the Korotko family for loving Brooks and giving him such a wonderful home! "We've had Brooks for about 5 months now and even though some days with him are challenging, we have seen so much positive [...]

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So Much Joy!

Short, sweet, and perfect. Another PAWSitive Ending!   "Thank you so much for what you do! We have only had Maggie (formerly Alexa) for a short time but this sweet girl has already brought so much joy to our family. She is a perfect fit for our family and has been getting along great with [...]

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Coffee is a great way to start a snowy Monday morning but you want to know a better way? A PAWSitive Endings story! Kelly and Mike Roth could not wait to share photos about BLUE 2 who they adopted this Saturday. We are so happy for this lucky family and their fabulous dog. Here's who [...]


My Love Loves Me

The other day as I stared into my dog's eyes which never, ever seem to blink, I thought I should have named him Love.   Yes, that does seem like a weird name except I was rehearsing for a concert and the song was My Love Loves Me. See where I'm going?   I sing [...]

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Finally Home!

Way to start out the week with another PAWSitive Ending story. I love this one because her family wrote it in her voice which is a fun twist. Congratulations to Leah and her wonderful new family! "This is Leah. I was adopted on September 18th. My soon to be family, drove an hour to see [...]

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Enough No, Guaranteed Yes.

We live a life of "no" it sometimes seems. From the time we are young our days are filled with the word, no. Most of the time the word no is warranted. No, you can't eat only cookies for breakfast. No, you can't stay home you have to go to school. No, you can't go [...]

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And Now There Are Three!

Cici didn't stay with us long because the Callaway family knew she was the perfect fit for their family. Here's her adoption picture and look at her now!   "Elly, formerly known as CiCi is adjusting nicely in her new home with her brothers Luke and Beavis. Thanks for letting her join our pack." -- [...]

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The Life Of Bosco

Another PAWSitive Ending! I might need to come back as this dog to this family in a future life. Talk about the good life. Thank you, Mandy, for sharing this wonderful story and great photos.   "Bosco (AKA - Skip) is living the high life. We adopted him just 10 days ago, but he certainly [...]

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From Shy to Cuddly

A few months ago we got a dog in that was named Kennedy. We see a lot of shy dogs but Kennedy could have won the blue-ribbon shyness award.   My grandson loves to come in and play with the dogs and one Saturday we met Kennedy. This little dog would not come out from [...]

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