Detective Daisy

As you know, PAWSitive Endings make everything we do worth it. It’s hard work running a rescue shelter. You are always wondering if you’ll make payroll or be able to keep the lights on. It’s so much more involved than I ever thought. But then we get stories like this one from Angie Kurth and [...]

Detective Daisy2019-07-16T05:41:40-06:00

13 by 13

Every day people live their lives going to jobs they may or may not like, enjoying their children, worrying about bills, falling in love. Every day is comprised of little and bigger moments, but most days are pretty much the same until they aren’t. A dear friend, a member of our dog-loving NEW PAWS community, [...]

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The “Duke” of Hazard

We love PAWSititive Endings and this is a great one. It took a while for Salsa to find her person but now he's safe and happy and an amazing little guy. Thank you to Rachel for sharing these pictures and updates. "A little update on Salsa. We started calling him Buster, but it just wasn't [...]

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My Dog’s Better Than Your Dog

One perk of being my age is that I remember when there was no fast forward or DVR or the TV. There was NBC, CBS, ABC, and that channel Sesame Street came on. We didn't know what the name was like we did the other channels. Besides the shows our parents let us watch, and [...]

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A Cat Loving Pooch

Another PAWSitive Ending! This story started nearly a year ago when America became Remi after her adoption. Within a month she was already a fantastic addition to Nicole Louise Rabotski’s family. She learned many commands and skills, figured out that she loves her kitty brother, and loved her home. She instantly became one spoiled little [...]

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Best Buds!

We love happy endings and families in love with their dogs. Today Tiffany McGonigle sent us an update and pictures and we couldn’t be more excited. “I just wanted to send an update on our newest edition Stella (formerly Nancy) and her "sister" Luca (we adopted her six years ago from NEW PAWSibilities.) We adopted [...]

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Gotcha Day!

June 27th, 2018 was life-changing.  I had never heard of N.E.W. Pawsibilities, never really been to Oshkosh. My daughter and I had tried adopting a few dogs from other organizations but were denied.  Denied because I recently moved in with my parents, denied because recently became disabled, denied because of my income, denied because we [...]

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Cooper’s New Harness, by Scott (aka Cooper’s Dad)

I purchased a replacement harness for Cooper...and he hates it!I purchased it because I didn’t like the one that I originally brought home from the pet supply store that I shop at; it had a front mounted D-Ring only. The new one has the front mounted D-Ring leash connector, which discourages a dog from pulling [...]

Cooper’s New Harness, by Scott (aka Cooper’s Dad)2019-06-16T08:50:14-06:00

A Dog Can Fix Anything

When my sons were younger they had a favorite book. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. For those of you who have never read it, and I still can't believe people have not read it over 1,000 times as I have, it's the story of a little boy named Alexander. This [...]

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