Black Beauties

Last month when we had National Black Dog month we had very few dogs of that color. What a difference a few weeks makes. Black Dog Syndrome, and isn’t it a shame there’s a name for it, is a phenomenon where black dogs are passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored animals. We are [...]

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Double Your Pleasure

Some of you are the quintessential dog parent while others took longer to settle into the role. Either way, you might be at that point where you’re thinking it might be time to add another dog into the mix. There’s no formula for if and when a second or third dog is right for you [...]

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Giving is not restricted to one day nor is it only about money. Money is how we pay rent and transport fees, and vet visits and spay and neuter surgery among many, many other things.   But then there's the kind of giving that helps our dogs in such a way that the tears flow [...]


Athena, The Great Chocolate Labradane

Another PAWSitive ending! We love reporting on how awesome these families are becoming. Cowgirl was one dog that could have easily been adopted by a dozen families in the first few days. She obviously found the perfect family. Thank you for giving her such a wonderful home. "   "Hi, I actually adopted "Cowgirl" from [...]

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With a Heart As Big As His Ears!

How cute is this little guy! Happy birthday to the pooch with a heart as big as his ears. We love PAWSitive Endings!   "I just wanted to give you an update on Benny, a.k.a. Bastian. We adopted him in February. He celebrated his first birthday yesterday and we wanted to send you some pics! [...]

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To Heal and To Be Healed

The other week I posted something on an Oshkosh social media site and all hell broke out. Typically, I monitor what I post to look at responses and then I either hide the rude comments or shut down the post if it gets out of control. Yes, we do have some opinions out there. On [...]

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Every Day Is Taco Tuesday!

Some dogs take a little extra time to find the love of their lives but when Gina walked in they both knew. Thank you to Gina for loving this little guy and getting him just in time for the holidays! Congratulations to Taco!   "Things are going good. He’s a smart little dog and has [...]

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Better Than Meds

I finally figured out all those people posting dog pictures and telling dog stories all over the Internet. It took me getting a dog before I understand how much dogs change our lives and our health.   It's true. Spending quality time with a dog can have a positive impact on your mood and your [...]

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The Designer Speaks

We love all dogs and we know that all dogs are capable of giving and receiving love and can make excellent companion animals. We also love adopting from rescues instead of from breeders when there are too many dogs out there who need homes. There are outstanding and reputable breeders out there but most people [...]

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PAWSitively Perfect DNA Results Reveal!

Okay, ready for the reveal? Prior to dreaming up this idea I truly believed Coconut was a Shepherd/Mix and while I didn't have a clue as to what the mix part was I never once doubted the Shepherd label. I figured he was mixed with a small dog because he was medium and Shepherds are [...]

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