Allowed to Live!

Thank you to Tracy and others who have left reviews on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and any other place that makes sense. We really appreciate it. What a beautiful boy!   Here's Tracy's review complete with pictures.   "This is a thank you for letting us adopt Cooper a.k.a. Roscoe! It's been 3 weeks and we [...]

Allowed to Live!2020-06-29T08:10:11-06:00

Buddies Forever

Thank you so much for posting all those doggy photos yesterday. I was smiling all day whenever I saw a new one.   Here are two more and we are happy to have been able to complete this family. Aren't they both adorable?   "My family is so grateful for our two new paws dogs!! [...]

Buddies Forever2020-06-29T05:41:58-06:00

Sneak Preview

We all started out the year 2020 with such hopes and dreams never knowing that within weeks those dreams would turn into nightmares. As rumors of the virus began to spread, fear became everyone’s constant and we soon realized that our little shelter was going to have to make major changes were we to remain [...]

Sneak Preview2020-06-26T11:30:04-06:00

My Heart

It's been a tough year in more ways than most of us choose to count. What do you miss most? I miss traveling and concerts and movies with friends, breaking bread together with friends. But you know what I really miss? I miss kindness. People are so stressed and angry and confused. They are grieving [...]

My Heart2020-06-23T06:44:36-06:00

Gardening Buddy

Yesterday Coconut and I took two one-hour walks and then a thirty-minute walk. The poor boy was so tuckered out that all he wanted to do was to find a shade tree, roll around in the grass, and then watch the world go by. Until he smelled what a homeowner said was a dead animal [...]

Gardening Buddy2020-06-22T12:35:53-06:00

Do You Love Me?

The other day I was listening to Fiddler on The Roof, one of my favorite musicals ever. I love the story, the music, the dancing, and the history portrayed in this show about a patriarch trying to do what he feels is best for his five strong-willed daughters amidst the backdrop of life among the [...]

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Our primary goal as a rescue shelter is to find lifelong loving homes for the homeless companion animals we care for each year. People have the best intentions when they adopt a dog. They truly do believe that it will all go well. And usually, it does. But bringing a dog home can be a [...]


How Hard Could It Be?

After the newlywed phase of my marriage, we decided to try and have a baby. How hard could it be? Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. You do what comes naturally and, nine months later, there’s the bundle of joy.   Except it didn’t happen that way. We had to [...]

How Hard Could It Be?2020-06-14T08:57:30-06:00