With a Little Help From My Friend

People get dogs for many reasons. Some simply love dogs and can't imagine a life without a four-legged canine. Others need a service dog for various reasons or, like me, they need an emotional support animal.   To be a true emotional support dog, Coconut needed to be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional. [...]

With a Little Help From My Friend2019-09-01T12:13:46-06:00

Is Your Rescue A Human?

I wonder do our dogs talk to each other about us in their doggy language.   “Is yours a rescue human?” “Yeah, he has some issues.”   I’ll be the first to mention that I do have some issues. Getting whacked in the head with a cell phone as your head is flying back and [...]

Is Your Rescue A Human?2019-09-02T08:16:58-06:00
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