Spay or Neuter to Decrease Pet Homelessness

Today is National Homeless Persons' Remembrance day and I urge all of us to do whatever we can to help the homeless in our towns, especially with the winter weather. But did you know that in the United States homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1? We love adoptions! But the most cost-effective and [...]

Spay or Neuter to Decrease Pet Homelessness2018-12-23T06:49:24-06:00

Love Is Just a Wag Away

I come from a long line of activists, of people who throw caution to the wind in order to right a wrong. I have energy, common sense, and an unwillingness to give up on the underdog. Over the years I had lots of different jobs. I started out in the Peace Corps in Africa and [...]

Love Is Just a Wag Away2018-12-15T07:23:34-06:00

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

In the do as I say not as I do category…. The last two weeks Coconut has been ravenous. Or at least he acted like he was. He reverted back to going after the garbage can and following me in the kitchen in the hope I would drop some delicious morsel. His bone chewing escalated [...]

Do As I Say, Not As I Do2018-12-09T11:36:52-06:00

Christmas, Cookies, Kids, and Dogs

Operation Santa Paws is an annual designation observed from December 1st to December 24th. During this holiday season, the goal is to show a little extra love to our furry friends whom we love with all our hearts. One of our NEW PAWS family did just that without even knowing that we are in the [...]

Christmas, Cookies, Kids, and Dogs2018-12-06T07:57:06-06:00

National Mutt Day!

Today is National Mutt Day! National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd. The founder of this day says, “Desperately longing for a new home, millions of loving and healthy mixed breed dogs in shelters across the United States are waiting [...]

National Mutt Day!2018-12-02T09:04:32-06:00

Once-In-A-Lifetime Dogs

Unless you aren’t on Facebook or other social media platforms you’ve likely heard of #GivingTuesday, a special call to action to create a national day of giving during the shopping and spending season. Today is that Tuesday. I thought about creating a big splash of a promotion for #GivingTuesday. Maybe finding a $10,000 matching donor [...]

Once-In-A-Lifetime Dogs2018-11-27T09:12:49-06:00
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