Let It Snow!

Good morning and who's looking forward to the snow? I know my answer but I can't use that kind of language here. It's not the snow but the fact that when people don't shovel and de-ice it's a problem when walking our dogs. But that aside, many dogs love snow! There's nothing cuter than when [...]

Let It Snow!2020-12-27T08:03:01-06:00

The Perfect Weight

Love and treats and a balanced diet were all it took. Lady has for sure made herself at home and we are thrilled. "When we got her last month you posted you were glad there were people willing to put meat on her bones, and on Wednesday the vet said Lady (formerly tabby) is now [...]

The Perfect Weight2020-12-26T08:25:21-06:00

Arya’s First Christmas!

And the PAWSitive Endings just keep coming. These are so wonderful. "Hello, My name is Jackie Willman. Last year on December 23, 2019, my husband and I adopted a puppy from your rescue. Her name at the time was “Simone.” We named her Arya and she has been the best addition to our family. Our [...]

Arya’s First Christmas!2020-12-25T10:07:05-06:00

From Reyes to Ziggy to Perfect!

This has been a different year but one thing that has stayed the same and blessed us all is that people are so engaged with their new dogs. These PAWSitive Endings are what keep us going when we feel like giving up. "Just wanted to update you on Reyes, now Ziggy. We adopted him on [...]

From Reyes to Ziggy to Perfect!2020-12-25T07:46:13-06:00

A Christmas Miracle

Today is Throwback Thursday and it's both sweet and bittersweet. It's hard hearing the words stroke and cancer whether it's a person or a beloved pet. We are all rooting for sweet Holly and wish the entire family a very merry and healthy holiday season. Thank you for sharing the good and the not so [...]

A Christmas Miracle2020-12-24T06:21:25-06:00

Beautiful Jessie

Some updates are short and really sweet and this one is beautiful. "Hello!!! Just wanted to send a picture of our beautiful Jessie! She’s doing very well :) Thank you!" -- Ryan-Analyise Jezwinski

Beautiful Jessie2020-12-22T10:24:44-06:00

Protector of his Family

Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing we have added a family member that has worked out well. We love these stories! "Last November in fact the day before Thanksgiving we adopted Manny. Our entire family is so thankful to have him in our lives. He’s a loving, caring, playful, cuddling, chipmunk catching, and protector of [...]

Protector of his Family2020-12-22T10:13:02-06:00

Checking the List

Good morning and welcome to puppy day! Yes, we seven adorable puppies ready for someone to come and visit today. Christmas is a wonderful time of year and for some people, it's the best time to handle the excitement of a puppy. This year many of you are still at home and have time to [...]

Checking the List2020-12-22T08:28:06-06:00

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

I met a woman with a dog a few months ago on one of our many, many walks we do each day. Coconut loves people and dogs and Linda seemed like someone I'd like to get to know and Bailey is a wonderful girl. She’s a mini Golden Retriever and absolutely adorable. Bailey, not Linda. [...]

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog2020-12-16T15:18:49-06:00

Leo The Brave: Part Two

We love when adopters give us updates about how things are going with their new four-legged family member. But we especially love it when the dogs are the ones telling their side of the story. We are assuming he dictated this to his person since ya kind of need opposable thumbs to type. When I [...]

Leo The Brave: Part Two2020-12-16T08:46:51-06:00
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