Depression? Get a Dog!

Was anyone else as depressed as I was about the extended mask mandate? Not surprised, just so over 2020. And the leaves are turning, days are getting longer, and winter is coming.   For some of you, that means ice skating and fishing and cross country skiing and whatever else people in Wisconsin do for [...]

Depression? Get a Dog!2020-09-23T07:58:19-06:00

Winter, Depression, and Dogs

I gotta tell you, coming from the land of never-ending sun it’s hard for me to get used to 4:00 pm twilight and dark by 5:00. I take vitamin D, try and eat vitamin D rich food, but it’s easy to start sliding into depression during the winter. I seriously do not know how I [...]

Winter, Depression, and Dogs2018-11-29T08:25:32-06:00
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