Saw ya, loved ya, Gotcha!

How cute are these photos? Happy Gotcha Day! "Happy gotcha day to my best baby girl Fergie Sue Dilge! She is the SWEETEST! We could not love her more! Thanks for letting her join our family 4 years ago! " --Jen Lautenschlager Dilge

Saw ya, loved ya, Gotcha!2021-07-28T14:34:11-06:00

The Happiest Of All

The other day I made a mistake. I went online to pay a bill using one of my two banking accounts. I was rushing because this summer is on warp speed and as a result I used the wrong account to pay a bill.   The good news is my bank covered the payment so [...]

The Happiest Of All2021-07-28T06:57:50-06:00

Loving His Doggy Brothers!

Another PAWSitive Ending story to kick off our week. Isn't it fabulous when it works so well? "I just wanted to send you guys a little update on Nacho, now known as Milo. He has settled in so much better than expected. He's a delight and is a great addition to our family. He loves [...]

Loving His Doggy Brothers!2021-07-25T07:58:10-06:00

I’ll Meet You At The Bridge

Thank you Diane Process Smits for sharing this lovely PAWSitive Endings story. Grab a Kleenex. This did make me tear up but it also reminded me that this is what makes our rescue do different. We think dogs and seniors, those in a wheelchair or some disability are some of the best candidates to adopt [...]

I’ll Meet You At The Bridge2021-07-25T07:16:14-06:00

Dog Guardians

I love this. I know "dog owner" is a term tossed about and I am guilty of using the term, too. Like when we talk about what it takes to be a "responsible dog owner." But do we really own them? If your home is like ours, it often feels like they own us. We [...]

Dog Guardians2021-07-24T07:17:25-06:00

I Loved You From The Very First Moment

My entire life we had been told we were part Native American and so when many of us finally started getting our DNA done we were surprised to not find any mention of Native American. What surprised us was the percentage of Irish, Scottish, and English in my DNA. Forty percent! Then my sister did [...]

I Loved You From The Very First Moment2021-07-20T08:34:14-06:00

Pet Emergency Check List

Today is National Pet Fire Safety Day. And while a fire is an emergency there are other times we also need to make sure we have what our dogs need if we have to leave home quickly. We hope emergencies won't happen and while we typically don't weather events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornadoes, [...]

Pet Emergency Check List2021-07-15T08:00:52-06:00

How To Treat Separation Anxiety

If you turn on the TV or read any news source online you'll likely hear that people are returning pandemic puppies to shelters. We've had a few of those returns and while it's usually because of loss of a home that the landlord sold out from under a long term tenant or a financial disaster [...]

How To Treat Separation Anxiety2021-07-15T07:56:04-06:00

Let Them Sniff!

What a fabulous weekend. Not just some great adoptions but lots of stunning weather. I sure hope your dogs too you out for walks and hikes and just a really enjoyable weekend. When I got my dog I figured I'd get lots of exercise by taking him out for walks several times a day. And [...]

Let Them Sniff!2021-07-12T06:25:38-06:00
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