Happy Bathtub Party Day!

Today is National Bathtub Party Day. I'm thinking no one in most houses is too happy about this party. Our dog is stoic now that he knows there is zero chance of getting out of the bath when he sees all the signs. He used to lead us on a merry chance upstairs, downstairs, and [...]

Happy Bathtub Party Day!2021-12-05T07:31:48-06:00

A Happy Little Girl

We love PAWSitive Endings and when they are told to us by the dog, well, even better!   "Hello, my new name is Schatzi (formerly Minnie). I came to my new forever home on 11/13/2021, and I'm very happy. My Mom says I'm doing good and I'm really smart. I'm learning new things and new [...]

A Happy Little Girl2021-12-02T08:58:57-06:00

One of the First!

Stories like this make everything we do worthwhile. The date on the first picture leads me to believe this was sent tears after the adoption because Lucy was adopted almost when NEW PAWS opened! We are always happy to share these stories and we hope you enjoy them too.   "It’s almost gotcha day for [...]

One of the First!2021-11-29T16:44:07-06:00

With a Bit More Training

The PAWSitive Endings just keep on coming and we love them! This dog. Oh my goodness what a beauty.   "One week later....this is MEKO (formerly Shadow). He is adapting BEYOND well in his new HOME with his two canine sisters, Kenya and Zoe along with his big human brother, Austin. He is such a [...]

With a Bit More Training2021-11-27T10:40:59-06:00

My Sweet, Loyal Boy

As we end our Thanksgiving weekend this post seems to be a perfect PAWSitive Ending. It's sad, so grab a tissue. But it's also beautiful and we are so grateful for everyojne over the years that has helped us to rescue dogs like Chops so that people like Alyssa could become a family.   This [...]

My Sweet, Loyal Boy2021-11-27T11:22:34-06:00

New Christmas Traditions

My tree always went up on the Friday after Thanksgiving. After a big dinner we'd haul out the decorations and hold each one sharing stories of a child who had created such greatness, where we had traveled to pick up that exquisite star, which lights needed changing. As our family grew the quality of the [...]

New Christmas Traditions2021-11-26T09:50:00-06:00

Logan of the Awesome Ears

Before you head out for Black Friday shopping here's what we have for you. Isn't he a wonderful PAWSitive Ending? "Here are some pictures of Gruppy that we adopted on Friday. He is doing really well! we couldn't be more happy. We changed his name to Logan." -- Jill Pankow

Logan of the Awesome Ears2021-11-27T11:23:27-06:00

Beautiful Beau

A wonderful Thanksgiving Day PAWSitive Ending.   "This is Beau, we got him last October. He is really enjoying outside with his pal Jake the sheltie. We just love him and he's been a great addition to our family. Thank you for all you do!" -- Laurie Irish

Beautiful Beau2021-11-24T07:39:54-06:00

Kangaroo Dog!

Another PAWSitive Ending story and we are so in love with this dog. Perfect name. "This is Midnight (formerly Pauly). He came home with us on September 26 of this year. He is very high energy and a sweet pup. He can jump like a kangaroo and I want to get him into agility once [...]

Kangaroo Dog!2021-11-24T07:27:09-06:00

Second Chances

How many second chances have you been given? I've been given second chances by so many people that I can't count them. I would not be the person I am doing what I do to try and help in the rescue process had I not been given second chances. One of those many, many chances [...]

Second Chances2021-11-23T10:43:47-06:00
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